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 Welcome to the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe News page! This is an exciting new way of communicating ongoing  changes to my customers. This page will change as necessary, so please check back often!

Emails without the word "typewriter" in the subject go directly to my SPAM folder and are not answered.



Anyone wanting to have their typewriter refurbished for Christmas needs to have it to me no later than 10.28.2018. After that date, I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas.

I'm suspending special requests from now until after the New Year. I have a nice variety of makes/models/colors/fonts lined up. I think 50+ will be available for Christmas delivery. Hopefully more as there are always 20 or so people that miss out by waiting. Will be working through the New Year to make sure there's some inventory in Jan.

As always, your interest and business is greatly appreciated :-) Scott







Time to close up and take a break! February is one of two months that's typically "slow". August being the second. I need to reset, clean and organize the shop, order supplies and parts machines and do some inventory. Along with some me time on a few personal projects, of course ;-) I will still be shipping, listing and working on typewriters, but not at the insane 14 hours, 7 days per week pace that I've had since the start of November. My brain is fried, folks! So, look for some new listings over the next two weeks and call if you're a customer with questions or concerns. Thanks for all your support! 28 machines sold in January and 3 shipping tomorrow! Looks like we're off to another stellar year at VTS :-) Scott





I hope everyone had a safe and reflective New Year! I'm still at it but behind schedule, as usual. The cold has wreaked havoc on my cleaning pumps and fingertips :-( 

I hope to have new listings 1.8.2018. While I finished most of my orders prior to the NY, I still have some Oly's and RQD requests to finish. Not to mention a Royal 10, Royal Portable and Underwood 5 and Four Bank. Those are all started, at least, and I hope to begin some more machines tomorrow. Keeping an eye on the projected/possible winter "storm" as well. 

Have been receiving emails and phone calls about listings I have on Amazon/Ebay. I don't list on any platform other than www.vintagetypewritershoppe.com. These scammers are not using my name but my pictures, listing write-ups and even my toll free phone number. If you're not on this website, you are NOT dealing with me. I've contacted those sites and have been assured the sellers will be handled. If you bought a typewriter from them and are dissatisfied, call your CC or bank and try to get your money back. Remember, you didn't buy from me and I really can't help you. 

Stay warm and look for some new listings soon! Scott










Well, it's 7:55 EST and the last typewriter before Christmas has just been picked up by UPS. What a run! I want to thank everyone who emailed, phoned, purchased, jumped on a waiting list, is still waiting for me to finish a request, return an email or add something new to the site. I'm going to be listing an Olympia SM8 in Mint Condition and hopefully a Mint Condition Royal Eldorado. Both cool typewriters and worthy of use.
I'm already getting bombarded with emails and calls in regard to typewriter issues from those who purchased elsewhere. There's definitely been some shade thrown my way. Undeserved in my opinion. For those in need of repair or refurb on a typewriter you purchased from someone else; I can't help you until after the New Year. This is the busiest time of the year for me. I'm a one man operation to boot. You are not the only person who's contacted looking for help. I've had at least 30 people contact me with issues on "as is" machines. I get it. I really do. This is the BIG gift and it's not working. But you can't expect me to be able to diagnose and instruct you on the repair over the phone or email. That's just not possible. Some repairs need to be diagnosed in person. Special tools, parts and training are usually required. And, no, I don't rent out my tools ;-) Just contact me after NYE and we'll schedule the work. 
I'm not shutting down (as I typically do) for Christmas/NYE break. I'm going to hit it through January and take some time off in Feb. I'll continue to list machines as I complete them and hopefully start the NY off with some inventory online. Wow! How nice would that be? At least for those who visit regularly ;-)
So once again I want to thank everyone (whether you purchased anything or not) for your business, interest and patience. You guys seriously make this "job" even more rewarding than it already is. Had some great conversations this year! A lot of laughs, some serious discussion and good communication. It's taken for granted now a days, but really communicating with another human is amazing. Listening, learning the history of someone or their family member. It's really underrated and that's a sad thing to me. So keep those emails, letters and calls coming. I always try make time for a friendly chat. Best wishes to you all. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year. Scott 

Some important news!


The toll free number is back up! The service provider blamed severe weather for the malfunction. UPDATE 5.2.2017: Toll free number is still plagued with issues. Use 1.704.345.3852 for purchase inquires. Thanks!


Getting a lot of questions regarding typewriter service, refurbish and restoration. You can find detailed definitions of these options on the "$150-$250 Typewrters" page. The typewriters I sell have been refurbished.


I offer a $125 Service option for those that are local and don't need to ship their typewriter. Shipping is expensive and not really worth it unless you're getting a full refurb which significantly increases the value of your typewriter. You can search Typewriter Repair Shops and choose the Xavier.edu webpage to find a shop near you. If you're interested in a full refurb, just contact me to discuss costs and turn-around times. As of this writing, I'm working on 9 typewriters for customers and turn-around time is 15 business days. 


Trees, trees and more trees! According to the Charlotte Observer, many of the old hardwoods in the area have reached the end of their life cycle. This means that even though they're covered in beautiful green leaves, it no longer requires severe weather to cause them to fall. Moderate rain and mild winds have been doing the trick for the past several weeks. Hopefully this will not become a near weekly occurrence as it causes major issues with power and internet.


The warehouse that I rent for parts machines, Bargain Basement typewriters and misc. offerings has been sold to a developer for a new apartment complex. This is a large 30x90 space filled with approximately 900 machines. I have until the end of the year to have everything out. I'll be focusing on refurbishing Bargain Basement typewriters. I'll still be adding to the main page but expect the BB page to carry most of the listings.


Thanks again for your interest and business :-)









I hope everyone had a joyful holiday! May this year bring us all much needed peace.

I've over 187 emails in the in-box so it's going to be a few days before I get to all of them. I'll be starting with those that requested purchasing the two typewriters that were still available. First come, first served. I hope to add several typewriters each week but the first of the year is always a slow start. A lot of non-refurb issues to address. as always, there is a large amount of information answering 90% of all questions. I hope potential customers will take advantage of this and therefore reduce the amount of time required in answering questions. If you're unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to email or call.

Those looking to sell their typewriter or wanting a free appraisal; Please do not contact me. I will only buy from a reputable source such as ebay. You may email you listing number and I'll take a look. On the appraisal end, I only do appraisals for institutions or large collections. My fee is based on the size of the collection and time needed to complete the process. Look on ebay/etsy to see what your particular machine might sell for in "as is" condition. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thanks again so much for your patience, understanding and business. You're all appreciated :-) 







Been a while since I updated! Not much to report until now. Trying to get some listings up each week. Many are selling before they get listed. Unusual for October. This is why there are discrepancies in the item numbers. Looks like this season will see 85 typewriters or so go to new homes. I'm also working on getting some Bargain Basement machines listed with plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

I'm not taking in any more outside refurbs until after 1.5.2017. If you're local and need a service or repair, call me to schedule an appointment.

I'm not taking any personal request at this time. I have several I'm working on now and just won't have time to take on any others. If you know what you want, contact me and I'll see if I have one in the line-up. Otherwise, it'll have to wait until after 1.5.2017.

As always, your interest, patience and business is greatly appreciated! Without you, I wouldn't have been able to turn this wonderful hobby into a business :-)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!





More listings coming 5.12.2016! Shutting down to work on website inventory. Demand is extremely high this time of year with graduations right around the corner. I can't keep up. I'm closing to focus on getting some typewriters finished and added to the site. I'll reopen on 5.13.2016. Email if you need ribbon but all other requests will have to wait until I reopen. Thanks so much for your interest and patience!  





Finally got back online after 5 days of major issues due to a malicious email link. Someone wanting to sell their typewriter sent me an email with a link to the pictures on photobucket. They used the "Typewriter" subject line and everything seemed standard. Soon after opening the link, I began having issues. Finally, the virus locked out my entire network. Going forward, I will no longer buy typewriters from private individuals unless they are local and willing to bring their typewriter to me for inspection. The whole point of having potential customers use the word typewriter in the subject line was to avoid spammers/hackers.

I am closing until the 12th so that I can add inventory to the site. The computer issues have me behind schedule. I will begin adding machines later this week and continue to do so for the Christmas season. It is now and has always been a first come, first served business. If you see a typewriter you like while I'm closed, please email me with the word "Typewriter" in the subject line along with the item number. Once I reopen, you'll be first in line for that particular machine.

Like every year before, my cutoff for refurbs has already past. If you have a typewriter you purchased somewhere else, I will not be able to refurb it before Christmas. I will begin accepting refurbs after the 4th of January.

Thanks once again to all of my customers! I truly enjoy serving your typewriter needs :-)





11.8.2014 7.23.2015


Well, it looks like the email issue has returned. It seemed to have gotten better but some customers recently reported missing emails from Paypal, UPS and VTS. Again, I answer emails from customers interested in buying or those that have bought in the past. If you email me and don't get a response, please call the toll free number. Thanks again!



Not sure what's going on with email but here's some information that has been passed on to me. I have had several customers and potential customers complain about not receiving invoices from paypal, tracking emails from UPS and USPS or replies to their emails about purchasing items. First, I use paypal to generate invoices and those emails go through paypal's email invoicing service. I have contacted paypal in regard to this issue. The same goes for UPS and USPS. Second, I respond to all emails from those wishing to purchase an item. Some of the customers I have corresponded with via phone and they didn't get the email when their typewriter was completed. This has led to some pretty nasty situations because if I don't hear back from a customer within 48 hours of sending that email, I list the machine on the site or sell it to the next person in line. This has been my policy since the beginning. So, there have been some people that I have emailed pictures and information on the typewriter they requested never receive that email and think I didn't follow through on my end. That's simply not the case. I have added an AUTO response to the email for ordering items. If you send an email to that address, I will respond within 24 hours. If you're selling a typewriter, I may not respond at all if it's in poor condition or something I don't typically deal in (i.e.. Electrics). If you placed a request for a particular machine and I told you I would get it ready for you and email pictures and information upon completion and you never heard back from me, please call me. The email was sent but for some reason not received. Also, please add my email address to your contact list and check your SPAM folder. Thanks once again to all of my customers and please call if you feel a missed communication has occurred.







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