VTS Typewriter Warranty


 The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe offers a 90 day warranty up to a 5-year warranty. Just one more reason to buy from the best!

 The warranty attached to each typewriter depends mainly on the typewriter model itself. Many of you already know that I offer mechanically pristine typewriters but not all typewriters were good. Not even when new. Others were just not truly designed for heavy or regular use. My warranty takes all of this into consideration and I think you'll be surprised at how many typewriters will have a 2 year warranty. The only difference between the 90-day and 2-year warranty is the length of time your typewriter is covered. The warranty starts the day the typewriter is purchased. Let's get to the details :-)


What is covered:

 Mechanical Failure - includes main spring, internal springs and levers, type face, return mechanism, shift mechanics, escapement, margins, ribbon vibrator, ribbon advance mechanism and spacing functions. Anything that will cause the machine to be inoperable in regard to quality of print or function that was not caused by anything listed in red in the next section.


What is NOT covered:

  Rubber parts; including feet, platen, feed rollers and bumpers. Nickel, chrome or metal plated parts. Decals, paint, key tops, ribbons and any other cosmetic wear. Rubber needs to be replaced occasionally and should be part of annual maintenance. Any damage, issue or malfunction caused by direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional neglect, abuse, accidents, improper care, improper storage, theft, shipping damage, operator error, not using machine correctly, installing ribbon incorrectly or misuse will not be covered by this warranty. This warranty is not transferable.


Protecting your investment:

 Every typewriter needs to be maintained. You wouldn't drive your car without ever changing the oil or rotating the tires. Mechanical devices need maintenance and this is also true with typewriters.

 You will receive a VTS Cleaning Kit and maintenance instructions with your typewriter. You should keep your machine clean and free of dust, dirt and grime. You should also keep moving parts lightly oiled. Always type with paper in the machine. Two sheets offer the best results. Never drop your typewriter. If you're not going to use your typewriter for some time, you should engage the paper release lever to keep the feed rollers from getting flat spots. Never leave your typewriter in your car, attic or basement. These are not good environments and may cause damage due to extreme heat or moisture.


What to do if something stops working:

 Call me - 1.888.653.8973 - or email information - VTSContact@protonmail.com - about the problem. Sometimes it's a simple fix. I recently had a customer complain because the typewriter didn't print. The ribbon selector had been shifted to the "white" setting by her daughter which disengages the ribbon vibrator. All she had to do was shift the lever to the "black" position and "problem" solved! If I am unable to diagnose the issue over the phone, I will mail a prepaid shipping label for the return of the typewriter. Upon arrival, I will inspect, diagnose and repair. I'll ship it back to you as soon as the repairs are complete. There is no charge for the repair, issues or malfunctions covered by the warranty. I also pay shipping both ways! You won't find that level of customer service anywhere else :-)


You can rest assured I will stand behind every product I sell. No excuses here!




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