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istmas    "Censorship is the child of fear, the father of ignorance, and the weapon of tyrants."    

  Laurie Halse Anderson


  I've been working on a Corona 3 Folding, Underwood Four Bank, Remington Noiseless, and a Royal Quiet DeLuxe. Will be adding a Royal Model O a.k.a. Kit Kittredge tonight 10.19.2020. I should have the Noiseless, RQD and C3 ready by Friday 10.23.2020. Moving as fast as I can ;-)

Due to suggestions from the customers in other time zones, I've changed my listing time to 9 PM EST. This will give everyone an opportunity to view the typewriters on a larger screen and/or away from work. Thanks so much for your patience and interest in my typewriters! Updated VTS News on 10.2.2020 with important info. Be sure to check it out ;-) Scott

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Investment grade typewriters range in price from the $500's to the high $800's. Some are much higher. Prices are based on condition, make, model, color, font, scarcity, rarity, warranty (90 day, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year or 5 year) and consumer demand. Most available typewriters sell via customer requests  before being listed. No need to list it if someone is already in line to buy it.

"SOLD!" means the item is sold and no longer available for purchase. "*NEW*" means the item has been recently listed on the site. I receive a lot of emails from prospective buyers wishing to buy sold items. If there is an Add to Cart button on the detailed item page, then the item is still available. I hope this will explain the availability in regard to items listed on this page. 

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