Customer Comments / Feedback


 Below are some of the feedback I've received over the years. I wish I had the time to list all the wonderful emails and yes, typed letters. I really enjoy the hobby of collecting typewriters and selling them to those who are inspired by their artistic beauty and style. Thank you for your interest in my typewriters and I hope you will become yet another satisfied customer with The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe :-)


Something to Think About

“I think banning books is a very, very dangerous thing. It takes away an important freedom. Any time there is an attempt to ban a book, you should fight it as hard as you can. It’s okay for a parent to say, ‘I don’t want my child to read this book.’ But it is not okay for anyone to try to make that decision for other people. The world portrayed in The Giver is a world where choice has been taken away. It is a frightening world. Let’s work hard to keep it from truly happening.” 

                                        Lois Lowry


Scott - Thank You - I received our typewriter and I'm extremely excited to give it as a gift for Christmas. Thank you for the fast service!

Regards and Happy Holidays


Danielle A.

Hi Scott

Thank you so much for your help.

We received the machine this afternoon. It was packed perfectly and the typewriter looks amazing. I was nervous about placing an order online and you exceeded my expectations.

Have a great holiday and all the best in the new year.



Rob P.

 The machine and case are in superb condition! I am astounded they could be this pristine. You must feel proud when you find something with this much potential, and then of course, all your hard work and expertise.
I will keep in touch. I’m sure I’ll have questions or silly “problems” along the way.
Best regards,

Ven G.


  I’m so delighted to have received the typewriter today! It’s beautiful, and I’m having fun learning to type on it. It’s such a big adjustment from computer-typing, of course, but that just makes it more fun. 

  But that aside, the typewriter is absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy with it, and have been sitting at  my dining room table pecking away at it like writers of my grandfather’s generation. I’m appreciating how it makes me stop and think about each line before I type it, because I don’t have the luxury / indulgence of the computer’s ‘delete' key. it definitely sharpens my focus! Thank you…

Rachel K.

Good morning, Scott!

  My beautiful, white Olympia SM3 arrived last night immaculately packaged just like my first typewriter purchase from you a few years ago. My new treasure is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to put it to good use. Thank you so much for your dedicated workmanship.

  I know I speak for many when I say that we are all so grateful.

  I wish you wellness and joy.

  Sincerely, Shannon

Shannon H.

Hi Scott, 
Am having a wonderful time with both machines!
Best Wishes and do let me know if a spectacular Aristocrat turns up!

Ven G.

Hi Scott, just wanted to drop you a line and say I received my typewriter and am very happy with it! I don’t have much experience with typewriters but am loving it this far!! Again thanks for providing a great product as well as a super service! Enjoy your day!


Stuart L.

Wow. This is a beautiful machine. It types so smooth. I love it. Thank you so much. Time to start writing. I got the typewriter bug now. Can't wait to get another one in the future. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Daniel C.

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to thank you once more for the SM9 I received last week! I've been writing with it all weekend and haven't had problems (besides beginner's trouble). Getting used to it and enjoying every second. Thanks for all your advice and the beautiful, functional machine. It arrived all oiled and floating in a cloud of packing material. Sending my appreciation :) 

Sage L.

  Scott, thank you sooo much for all the help.  Lowell got the typewriter today and is so pleased. He has never shown much emotion, but grinned from ear to ear as he had it all set up into a make-shift office in our bedroom.  Lowell is pretty low key emotionally, but feels things very deeply and is very helpful and compassionate.  Just doesn't show it.  After 67+ I know him really well.  The big grin in the pic is priceless!!!  
  Thanks again for the personal touch - Nita

Anita S.

I purchased my first typewriter from The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe a beautiful 1939 Royal. Scott is amazing and worked with me emailing me back and fourth while we figured our what I actually wanted. When we found my machine and I purchased it my husband and I were blown away when we received the box. The typewriter was packed so meticulously that I knew Scott not only loves these old machines he wants to make 100% sure they arrive at their forever home in perfect condition. The typewriter is a dream to type on, looks beautiful sitting on my writing desk and gives me such pleasure every time I use it or just walk by it. Now my dream is to have another older typewriter and when I decide to do that I will definitely contact Scott. Thank you again for making such a big decision so easy Scott!


Sharon C.

Hello Scott,

  I finally have a moment to send you a huge "THANK YOU!". The typewriter was well packed and arrived in great condition.

  I had been looking at your site periodically for a few years now for a vintage typewriter. Every time I had my eye on one, it was either already sold or I was not in a position to buy at the time. This beauty came up right before this last Christmas and I knew it was the one! It was a gift to my husband for our 10 year anniversary. He enjoys it immensely.

 Thank you again!


Christine H.



Raj G.

 Hello Scott,

Sorry for the late reply, but I've been extremely busy. I'm extremely pleased with the SM3. It arrived without damage and works perfectly.  Thank you again. If you ever need a testimonial of your work, let me know!

James B.

 My typewriter arrived today, Scott.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much, indeed.  

While I knew I'd be receiving the VTS cleaning kit with the typewriter, I appreciate the handy instruction sheet, too.  It's good to know exactly how to keep the machine in the tip-top condition in which you sent it to me.  
BUT, what surprised me was your inclusion of the actual instruction book for the typewriter -- with parts diagrams, instructions for use, touch-typing lessons(!),and sample 1927 letters.  What a delight!  That was almost too good to be true -- the quality of the typewriter itself would have been too good to be true except that VTS guarantees it will be true, so I did believe it.  Still, having the proof in hand is such a pleasure.  
Thanks, yet again, for satisfying my long-time yearning to recapture this fond memory.  As I said at the outset, however, this will be a working machine, not a collector's item.  I'm putting it right beside my home desk to pull out and use for lists, outlines, even letters (yep, I still send folks letters).  
Thanks, Scott, you made my day!  
Best regards, 


 My beautiful Olympia typewriter has arrived! Clean and fresh as if it were new. Thank you for providing such a scarce and time-honored service. You come so highly recommended and I now know why. Best regards,


Erin W.

Super fresh ribbons. Fast ship. Cool that gloves were included. Overall, better than anticipated. Will buy from again. And again. Thanks. 

Mike R.

I am thinking of buying a typewriter in Germany and came across your website by accident. All I want to say is that I like your down to earth no bull***t love for what you do. Anneke 


Great typewriter! Fast secure shipping and it even smells good! I can see why Hemingway liked it. Thank you for your amazing offerings and I hope you have a very prosperous holiday season o<:{> 

Shannon W.

 Hi Scott- I just wanted to say thank you! I got my typewriter today and it is the prettiest thing I have ever seen!
Thank you, thank you!  Pam

Pam S.

  Finally bought a typewriter from your shop and I'm in awe at what I received. A beautiful, perfect hemingway royal. Just a fantastic job in all regards. Condition is like new and it types flawlessly out of the box. I made a few mistakes and it's going to take a little getting used to but I'm just so happy with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary B.

   Bought a Hemingway Royal as a Christmas present for my wife. I restore vintage cars and took a close look at the typewriter when it arrived. It's simply amazing how great the original condition is on this particular typewriter. It looks almost new and only a severe, close inspection shows it as otherwise. My hat's off to you guy's over at VTS! If you ever move to Cali and need a job, look me up. Rob

Robert S.

 Hi Scott,  just wanted to let you know the SM3 arrived earlier this week and we were so impressed with how thoroughly well packed it was - solid as could be!  You could tell great care and attention was taken by you - much appreciated.   The typewriter is exactly as described on your website and we couldn’t be happier.  It is a Christmas gift for our daughter who is a writer and she will be over the moon when she sees it - it has been a wish of hers for sometime.  We will definitely continue to follow your website.  All the best for your upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Many thanks,
Darlene & Denis 

Darlene & Denis H.

 The best typewriter company on the planet! The typewriter is immaculate, clean, well lubricated and works flawlessly. Not being familiar with using a manual typewriter it did take some practice. It's now been 4 days and I'm really comfortable using it. You really are the best in the biz! Thank you for what you do and I hope you keep doing it. Regards, Sean

Sean B.


The typewriter actually arrived early and came yesterday.  I am so impressed with your packing job.  It took quite some time to unpack it...I can't imagine how long it took to get it all packed up.
First, the typewriter is beautiful and I am so pleased with it.  It's just crazy what shape it's in...I can't imagine what process you go through to clean these up but it is certainly well worth the effort.
I don't know if you are a member of the vintage typewriter collectors group on Facebook, but I do plan on posting there about your packing job and the beautiful machine I got from you.  So many people there have received damaged typewriters from ebay and other places, and I wanted them to know that there is someone who clearly goes above and beyond to insure the typewriters arrive in one piece. 
Once again, I wanted to thank you for the awesome machine, awesome pack job, and for being so easy to work with.  You are truly one of a kind!

Todd K.


My daughter called Fri. to say she got the beautiful typewriter you shipped, and she loves it.

Thank you for adding the note "gift from your Mom", I never even thought about it!

And again thank you for your help and kindness.

Love to you, from one grateful Mom. 

Anita M.

Dear Scott,

How are things over there?
I just wanted to let you know that the Olympia SM3 arrived yesterday.
Wow! I'm just supremely delighted with the machine! It is immaculate and works like an absolute charm! You could not get a more perfect machine if you hopped into a time machine and travelled back to 1957!
Thank you so much for your incredible work and the lovely piece!

Andre T.

 I love the Cole Steel, which arrived this past week! And I am very much looking forward to receiving the Corona Silent (scheduled to arrive tomorrow).

-- Alan

Alan G.


Just wanted to let you know the SM4 arrived today and it is in AWESOME condition!
I have a tremendous SM3 that I love, but it didn't have a tab setting and the paper support and been broken off long ago. Yet I kept using it because the feel of it was so doggone awesome. I knew the SM4 would be an improvement on the design, but I wasn't prepared for its feel. I figured there was no way Olympia could improve on the feel of the keys, but they did, didn't they?
Just a wonderful machine and I thank you so much. With the Royal Aristocrat I bought from you a few months back, I now have a superb pair of mint typers that really stand out in my overall collection.
This SM4, though? It's going to see a lot of use! Thanks again!


Patrick O.

The typewriter arrived yesterday in good condition. Your packing
technique is impressive! The typewriter also matches the description at
your web site - truth in advertising! You conduct your business in a
thoroughly professional manner, very much appreciated.

Mike M.

 I was bitten by the typewriter "bug" last year after receiving one as a gift. Since that time, I have purchased over 60 typewriters from every known seller, both amateur and "professional", online. But I just received my first VTS typewriter and have to admit there is no comparison to any other one I've purchased. The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe is on an entirely different level when it comes to restoring typewriters. I've paid more for what has turned out to be much less. That's disappointing but at least now I know what a true "professionally restored" typewriter should look and feel like. I plan on sending most of my finds to Scott so they can better fit into sitting beside the one from his shop. All the rest just look so dingy! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do and I'll be in touch soon. Best Wishes, Susan

Susan G.


I just wanted to take a second and thank you for sending a “brand new” 50 year old typewriter by mistake :-). Seriously this thing is gorgeous! It has exceeded all of my expectations!! Fantastic job!

Rob B.

Scott...I just want to Thank You for all the helpful information you gave me over the phone the other day on my vintage Royal O typewriter. It was nice of you to take the time out of your day to help me. Sincerely, Cathy

Cathy D.


I received the SM3 the other day and have been enjoying it greatly. Of the typewriters I've tried (at home I have an Underwood Champion, the RQD I purchased from you, and a Hermes 3000), this definitely has the best touch. I found with the Hermes I really have to press down, but with the SM3 it's very light to the touch. Thanks again for another great product.
On a related note, I'd like to purchase two of your portable covers for said Underwood and Hermes. Please let me know the best way to proceed.
Thanks again,

Ryan A.


Sorry for the delay in responding. Been overwhelmed with sick animals at the clinic the last few weeks. I just wanted to thank you for the great typewriter, and for going to such trouble to make sure it arrived intact. Hope to do business with you again.
Warmest Regards,

Blair G.

 Hi, Scott. Thank you for the careful packing. The typewriter arrived in beautiful condition, and is wonderful to type on. And THANK YOU for the extra ribbons. :)

A. (Unique name hidden for privacy reasons - VTS)

A. M.

 Scott: Sorry for the delay, but things get a little hectic around here in the middle of the week.

I received your recent SM3 shipment Tuesday in first class shape without any damage or problems. I wish to compliment you on your excellent packing of the typewriter for shipment. As securely as you pack, UPS would almost have to intentionally try to damage the unit for such to occur. I am very pleased with the typewriter itself as it will function perfectly for the use I anticipated. As has been stated considering the time and place in which it was manufactured, the Olympias are the "Mercedes Benz" of the typewriter world; none better having ever been made.

Thanks for keeping me on the mint Rem 5 list as I am still obliged to get one if at all possible. Also, remember me if you come across a telegraphers "Mill" in good working order. Thanks again, and know that your work is greatly appreciated--Keith

Keith M.

 Hello, Scott. This is Keith who recently purchased the Royal aristocrat. It came in on Good Friday and literally made my day. I spent all weekend using it, and I wanted to express to you my full satisfaction with this purchase. It is difficult to put into words how completely you have satisfied this customer. Know that your work is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so very much.

Keith M.

 Hi - Package arrived, new typewriter ribbon is super. Thanks for including gloves!!!! We're off to wedding rehearsal tomorrow. Thanks for helping us make the occasion vintage and wonderful. Jean 

Jean T.

 received the typewriter scott. thank you again! she loves it.  

Brian S.

Hi Scott!
It’s arrived and it is awesome…thanks so much. Love the glass panels and I’ve got used to the typing action on the beautiful keys.
Hope your flu has cleared up, I’m surprised more Americans don’t have flu as it’s on the news here about the big freeze. Thanks to you also for dealing with all the new regulations and great detective work the phone number.
Well my weekend is planned: typing letters to family :-) Great timing as the new school year starts next week which is always busy.
Look after yourself and hope the States warm up soon (it was 45 degrees C here!).
Ps. Never seen that Instapak quick tuff stuff. Gonna see if it’s sold here for a science lesson - Changing states/ properties of matter! If it is safe might do a cast of my face! 

Lee P.

Hi Scott,

  I just received the Smith Corona Flat Top!!!! It is amazing!! I just had my son unwrap it....he was speechless.  He loves it and so do I.  Thanks so much for helping me with this gift that he will always treasure. 



Christian G.

Hi Scott,

Just a short note to let you know that the Corona 3 arrived safe and sound.  Look forward to working together more in the future.  BTW, can you remind where to find the serial number on these.  Can't seem to find it so far.  For interest and to keep in my typewriter file.
In the meantime, all the best,

Ray V.

Hi Scott,
  First, I received my new Olympia SM4 wide carriage and I am thrilled with it!  Thank you for your attention to detail and careful packaging.  This is only going to make me want to buy another typewriter or three...

  Thanks again for doing what you do, and for doing it so well!
-- Alan

Alan G. USA


  I love my Olympia!  My employees are quite appreciative of the warmth conveyed and the ability to read my handwriting.

 We are one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Kansas.  This it is with great irony that our team found a typewriter in the attic of our facility.  It has probably been there some 30 years or more.  I believe it to be a Remington 5 manufactured between 1935 and 1940.

  I have attached pictures.  I am writing to see if you could clean/refurbish and make operational this model.  Please advise cost or estimated cost, and a shipping address.

  Thanks again for hooking me up to the Olympia, and I await your reply and comment.



Tim O. USA


Hi Scott,


I just wanted to let you know that I received the machine today, and it exceeded my expectations.


It’s in remarkably great shape for something that age.  Excellent job on the packing too.


I did not actually try using it yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing it in action – that will come at Christmas time…





Mike C. USA


 I just wanted to tell you I received both typewriters and they are perfect. You do great work and your service is fantastic! 
Thank you

Yasmin K.

 This is the place to buy your typewriters! I was in the market for my very first machine about a month ago, and Scott was more than happy to answer my questions and always responded to my inquiries within 24 hours! The typewriter arrived beautifully packaged a few days later, and it was a dream to work with. I ultimately chose to return the typewriter for financial reasons, but I can attest to Scott's character -- he truly does stand behind his return policy and wants the best for his customers. He was incredibly understanding and provided me with detailed instructions going forward. When I catch the typewriter bug again, I'll definitely be shopping at VTS again. Thanks Scott! 

Gina K.

I'd not used a typewriter for decades until I discovered my mothers old Royal tucked away in the basement. I found Scott's web shop after searching online for new ribbon tape. I'm so glad I did! I only bought the two pack but he spent an hour with me over the phone helping refresh my memory. He talked me through the ribbon installation and made sure the typewriter was more or less ready for a test drive. How wonderful to see the print bars flying after all those years! I have truly enjoyed the service and commitment. Scott is an expert in the field and it shines through with his knowledge, professionalism and passion for his craft. Thank you for helping two old girls work out the kinks :-) 

Margaret M.

 Hi Scott,
I just received the typewriter and I am extremely happy with it! 
Thanks, great job!

Chris S.

 I write a lot and VTS keeps me going! I bought a Olympia SM5 from Scott some 6 years ago and it still types like the day I received it! I also buy the six pack of ribbons every couple of months or so. They are without a doubt the freshest ribbons available. Dark and inky! The added gloves are especially appreciated as this ink will stain anything it comes in contact with. Not just paper. So if you're looking for a typer or ribbons, VTS is the place to shop. You won't be disappointed!

Gary H.


Again it was pleasure to work with you.
I don’t meet people like you anymore.
People lack passion and love to what they do.
You seem like you know it all when it comes to typewriters.

Bart W.


Scott, it has arrived!  And I l-o-v-e love it!  Thanks so much for all the care you take in packing and shipping (you could teach Amazon marketplace sellers a thing or two, but that's another story for another day.)  My 25 year old daughter was over my shoulder as I unpacked it and began typing.  She was immediately enamored with the look and sound.  I wonder how long I'll be able to hang on to it.  I will be sure to enjoy it while I can.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I am sending thoughts of sunshine your way in hopes that we can dry out all the good folks down your way.
Thanks again,


Jolene S.

Very dark and fresh ribbons! Having had trouble finding quality ribbons for my olympia sm9 I'm glad I found your site! 

Steve Z.

 Dear Scott,

I have received my order "Olympia SM3" on July 30th in pristine condition.
It was perfectly packed.
I am so glad I got a nice vintage typewriter.
It is difficult to find such a vintage model like the Olympia SM3 in Japan.
The package was like a time machine.
Thank you very much for offering a great typewriter.


Junjo M


Junjo M.


I opened up the box earlier today and had to type a little... It's awesome!!! I can't wait to actually use it a bit on my day off tomorrow!  Also I've got a request, if you could keep an eye out for a royal model p with the vogue typeface that would be great. I've seen how cool the type is and I would love to get ahold of one.
Thanks again! 

John M.

 Freshest ribbons I've ever bought! Lightening fast shipping. Vac seal and gloves are genius! Thanks again and hope you're feeling better. Robert

Robert J.


Hi Scott,


Just received the Wellington and I must say… it’s a real beauty!


My 3 year old daughter loves it and has been asking a million questions about it! Now you got me “hooked” on these vintage typewriters.


Warmest regards,



Keith L.

Best person to deal with if you want great customer service and awesomely fresh ribbons. I wish you many more years of success! 

Julie A.

 The ribbons got here so quickly and with a pair of gloves too. Thanks so much!  

Julie P.


Hi Scott,

 It’s been a while since we went through the motions below, I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I wanted to let you know the typewriter went down great at Christmas, she loved it.  After it arrived in Hong Kong, took it with me all the way to Thailand where we spent the holidays. Under the false pretence of carrying a fondue set to divert attention of prying eyes no less. The Remington’s now got pride of place in her lounge and is getting regular use.  Both of us are having a lot of fun learning how to work it, and it’s an absolutely fascinating bit of mechanical workmanship.  Thanks again for your help, I really appreciated your no nonsense, straight forward approach, great stuff and excellent service.  All the best from Hong Kong and happy Chinese New Year.


Nico Z., HK

 Second purchase and VTS never disappoints! The typewriters are pristine, clean, function flawlessly and are packed with great care and thought. Simply the best money can buy! Thank you for making another Christmas most memorable for me and my family. Best wishes to you in the New Year!

Anthony W.

 Hi Scott,

 The typewriter has been delivered.  We are very pleased with it's condition, the delivery and packaging and your service.  Thank you for a great shopping experience and a wonderful vintage typewriter. 

Sharon S.


    She loved the typewriter! Thank you :) 

Karen S.

 Thanks again Scott for the great typewriter.  I gave it to him yesterday and it was perfect!  Finally- a vintage typewriter that really, really works!


Jennifer W.

 Thanks for the quick shipping!  Received my order and excited!  So glad you are servicing old typewriters!!!!!!!  Blessings! 

Joy C.


Thanks for the typewriter - my daughter absolutely loves it! 

Lloyd R.

 The typewriter arrived.  It is awesome.  Thank you so much.  Part of me wanted to let the giftee open the box, but I was too excited to wait.  And I had to make sure it was all okay, right???  You must have so much fun doing this.....Thanks again. 

Sharon M.



 You were right on the money re: delivery of the Royal Safari!  It was waiting for me when I returned from lunch with a former colleague.  It is now resting on my old typewriter stand, waiting until everything warms up before I take it out for a test run.  I'll contact you should I have questions.


Again--thanks for the prompt professional and personally pleasant transaction! 

James S.

Scott, I just unpacked the typewriter and it survived the journey thanks to your incredible effort in the packaging... I love it!! 
Thanks again - pleasure doing business with you :)

Kim S., Canada


I was so excited about my GORGEOUS typewriter I completely forgot to write and THANK YOU!!!!  Honestly, it was the best present I could ever receive (even though I gave it to myself). It was packed neatly, shined flawlessly and packaged perfectly with the kindest note.  I opened it at my office (we are in events, so pay attn to each and every detail),  and as I opened the package we all OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH’D AND AAAAWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE’D. It was such a picture perfect moment, all staring down at this shining beauty!


Thank you for making this Thanksgiving and all that follow super memorable….by allowing me to use the Rem as a base of the “Give Thanks” journal I am creating.




Brooke W., USA

Hi, Scott,

I have received both the Fox and Densmore typewriters in great condition -
thank you.  You sure do a thorough job in packing these beautiful machines.

 I've been keeping an eye on your website for any new additions - do you have
anything new in the "pipeline"?

Again, thanks for the quick service in sending the above typewriters.



Fred S., USA

I purchased the Remington 5 Streamline 2 weeks ago. This is an amazing typewriter. It was packaged very well, especially for being free shipping.  Scott's customer service is excellent. I sent him an email about my interest in the typewriter and no more than 5 minutes passed before he called me ready to answer questions.  He is very energetic and sincere. I never felt like he just wanted to make a deal and be done with it. He took an interest in why I wanted a Typewriter. 
  He even threw in the holiday discount with the paper and extra ink.

I will definitely doing business again with Scott.




Nick R., USA

we received the typewriter; felt good loading paper in and being able to do something my son does not know how to do. heh


Hugh L., USA

Hi Scott,
I am extremely happy with the Torpedo, it works like a charm, and is quite easy to maintain. Pleasure doing business with you, it's good to know there are some trust worthy businesses on the internet.



Athbah R., Qatar

Scott,   Just want to Thank you for the quick ship on the Royal type writer    Everything arrived safely and this is a wonderful old piece. You represent your product well and I just want to say how I appreciate your quick and friendly manner in which you respond to buyers.  I was a little worried ordering without seeing in person but everything went so well and I am very happy with what I received.  

I owned a retail business for 15 years and I feel that people more often offer feedback on orders when something goes wrong rather then right. I just want to let you know its really nice to have a positive experience while shopping over the web with you.
   I look forward to doing more business with you in the future... 



Paulette B., USA

The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe is a very unique store! While conversing with a friend, the subject of manual typewriters arose. Being intrigued as to whether any where still available, I quickly turned to google with my inquiry. Low and behold I found VTS! What an amazing collection of gorgeous writing machines they have! Anything you could possibly want and in conditions that are almost hard to believe. After spending several days(and nights) surfing through the pages, I decided to contact the shop owner directly. What a treat that was! Scott is like an old friend. He responded with passion and excitement. Through his vast knowledge and understanding, he provided everything required for me to make my decision. The LC Smith Corona 3 Special. It's perfect and looks as though it was made yesterday! I have to tell you, stunning merchandise aside, I was treated better by Scott than my own wife and I consider myself happily married! Anyone looking for any vintage typewriter must consider VTS. Your buying experience will leave you feeling enriched.

  I kindly thank you for your dedication to your craft.



Anthony W., USA

Dear Scott,

  The Voss arrived today and as you can see, is working perfectly. This baby is just beautiful and THANK YOU so much for the extra goodies. I may have to stay up half the night playing with this beauty, Good thing I took all those typing classes in Junior High School.

 Thank you again Scott, and I will give you a call to see what my chances are of a Cherry Groma Kolibri. If you come by one I will for sure buy it.

 All my best and talk to you soon,




Caren C., USA

Dear Scott-

  The Royal Deluxe typewriter I ordered from VTS for the Assisted Living Facility in Ohio just arrived. I was not surprised (after spending time at your site) to find it securely and respectively wrapped and beaming with all the charm I hope our future residents will remember and enjoy. I so appreciate your respect for older things that are well made …reminds me of our residents. 

  Thanks again!



Mary Ann E., USA


Just wanted to let you know that the 1916 Royal No. 10 is now doing court duty with speed and ease. It gets quite a reaction from the other court employees who see it! The maintenance kit is a great aid in keeping the machine in top condition-just follow the instructions in the manual.



Alan W., USA

I finally got my typewriter in yesterday and I was so so so thrilled to have it! My typewriter is like a brand new one. The packing was great and I love all the manual and cleaning tools you provided. I am so happy! Thank you so much. I have become your fan page :-) Please keep coming with more cool typewriter. 


Penpunnee H., Thailand

Scott – we received the ribbons today and my daughter is in 7th heaven typing away on her Royal O.

 When I replaced the ribbon, I noticed it was twisted, which I think was the problem with the thing sticking – seems to be working smoothly now – thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to come back to your online store if I need anything else.  

Ron L., USA

Thank you so much! Your service is one of the best I ever experienced. I will
continue doing business with you for a long time and I will recommend you to my

Yours truly,


Juan R., USA

Package arrived, and I was blown away by how your packaged it, gave such clear instructions and provided such detailed information (and equipment).

Thanks very much.


Linda D., USA

Got everything today. Impressive delivery time, and keep up all your great work.

Can't wait to get started this weekend with some REAL typing.
I'll keep checking your site for when the pads come in.
Many thanks,

Rob N., USA

Good morning Scott, happy friday!

The typewriter arrived at my parents house and we were all so excited when we opened it up, it is beautiful.  Thank you for putting some paper in as well as I completely forgot that I needed to order some paper and ribbons.  I would like to add that to the order on the next typewriter if that is okay with you.  I remember what you told me about the extra ribbons so that may take some time, however I want to make sure I have a good amount of paper for Charlie to start.  So as soon as the typewriter is ready we can talk and add it all together.
Thank you again!  Charlie has set up his writing space.  He has a great big table that he has put in front of a window, it is awesome.  I am loving it because he has been cleaning and organizing because he wants his space "just so."  Yippee for me!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care,

Kathi F., USA


     I just purchased the Brown Royal Quiet de Luxe from the bargain basement and I love it.  My sister is jealous and now she wants to get one.  She loves the bright red Quiet de Luxe on the About VTS webpage.  If you ever get one like it in stock I would love to take a look.

Ben N., USA


Thank you for what has truly been one of the most satisfying consumer occasions I have ever experienced.  First, the typewriter: My ‘new’ 1932 Royal in Velvetone brown is every bit as remarkable as you had described ~ a beautiful machine with brilliantly smooth operation.  Second, the service: From the careful packaging and good, friendly communication to the very nicely done maintenance kit and reproduction manual, you’ve fine attention to detail.  Lastly, I sincerely appreciate your extremely generous support and guidance in helping me to select a typewriter which would best suite my needs and interests.  Indeed, the ’32 Royal is just the right fit for me ~ not only is it a fine conversation piece and complement to my home office, but more importantly it is a real pleasure to type with!  To be entirely frank, it was tempting to purchase a typewriter ‘as-is’ for a fraction of the cost elsewhere; I’m grateful however that better judgment prevailed and will likewise recommend
VTS to anyone seriously in the market for a fully-functional, vintage typewriter.

With much appreciation,



Lee F., USA

I just received my Postal 3 and it came just as I expected - perfect.

Having been fortunate enough to have spoken at length with Scott it was incredibly easy to sense his level of dedication to his craft.  Indeed, his enthusiasm made me feel very comfortable and confident about my purchase. In fact, I felt so positive about my purchase that I ordered the Blickensderfer 8 and the Underwood 3 Bank a few days later.

I will never purchase a vintage typewriter from Ebay or any other yard sale site.  I know quality when I see (and hear) it and The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe will always be my shopping place of choice for these mechanical works of art.

Thanks again Scott




David D, USA


I just received my typewriter today! I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me! I am so thrilled to have my Aimee.
She is beautiful.
My sincerest gratitude!

I will definitely be doing business with you again.



Ariana R., USA

A few years back I acquired a 1926 Royal No. 10 & 1936 Royal KHM-14 typewriters; finally in 2009 I had both refurbished to working condition. The 1936 I gave as I gift; the 1926 I kept. When it came time to get proper accessories, Vintage Typewriter Shoppe was the answer. His pads, covers, paper, ribbons, EVERYTHING is exceptionally marketed, packaged and sold. Now the typewriter is not only a functioning piece of technology; it is a piece of art properly cared for! Buy from VTS and you will not regret it!

Mike K., USA

Hi Scott, My ‘Royal Touch Control’ arrived safely yesterday (no damage & works perfectly, your packing skill is awesome as ever). Though this is only my second purchase, every time I open the box I realise how much you care about typewriters and your customers. It is always a great pleasure doing business with you! And I just adore this little Royal!! The condition is superb, the design is classic and yet surprisingly practical. I am sure this little beauty will help me cope with the misery of writing tons of drafts for my PhD thesis. In fact, I’ve already written few pages using your new typewriter paper (a nice quality indeed!) and it’s been a very happy experience so far. Thanks for everything! Best Wishes, Ryoichi

Ryoichi H., UK

The tapes have arrived rapid in proper condition to your postings. Many thanks you from Madrid.

Ric S., Spain

Cover and ribbons are simply perfect! So nice to have a reputable company that offers such outstanding customer service and quality products. I'm home ;o)

Laura V., USA

Hi Scott,

The portable typewriter arrived yesterday, on my daughter's birthday.  It was well packaged, and undamaged.  It was also a huge hit and there have already been several letters typed on it.  She loves it.  Thanks for getting it out the door so quickly and for selling a quality "new" product.  Will keep you posted and be in touch if there are any problems.

Thanks again!

Rob H., USA

 Absolutely love the Royal Touch Control - Kit Kittredge Model portable typewriter.

Scott you have the best line of typewriters in terms of quality and variety of manufacturers. The accessories that I have purchased including typewriter pad and covers are the best.

Nancy K., USA

Received the portable Underwood Universal typewriter yesterday.  It is in excellent shape and looks great.  I was concerned about the shipping process however, I received it timely and in the manner in which you shipped it (wrapped and double wrapped) you could have sent a set of china and it would have been fine.  Thank You! 

Kevin M., USA

 I have bought 4 typewriters from VTS and each time with excellent satisfaction.

Guillermo S., Mexico

Great packing and beautiful typewriter. Definitely not a part time dealer. Very professional in all aspects of the transaction. The BEST!

David R., USA

My typewriter has arrived & I wanted to thank you for so expertly packing it & including goodies! It is perfect.

Kat M., USA

Hi Scott - My new Royal portable came in late yesterday and I tried it out.  The type imprints are nice and clear, no "fading" at the top of any letters!  The case is in very good condition too. Those folks' grandmother in Georgia really did take excellent care of her typewriter over all those years! 

And thanks for the sample envelopes!

Robin G., USA


I want to thank you so much for the excellent service. Very impressive.



Cheryl M., USA

Dear Scott:

Thank you for the typewriter pad and package of paper. The pad has  
made a real difference under my Royal De Luxe (and others), reducing  
vibration and drift, and the paper is almost too nice to use!

You've got some beautiful machines there. Maybe some day when we win  
the lottery....




Richard C., Canada


I know you get lots of emails, so hopefully you will see this soon.  Samantha loved the Remington #1 on Valentine's Day (and I love it, too!).  Thanks so much for the written instructions, they came in very handy.  You truly offer first class service, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


Scott G., USA


This is just a quick note to let you know that the machine arrived this morning in Doha in pristine condition.  In fact, Customs didn't even open it!  And, it's being admired in my office as I type the electronic epistle.

Best regards,


Martin S., Qatar

Scott, this typing paper is great! The letters show up well--they're 
dark and sharp. And there's next to no show through on the other side, 
either. Very nice paper! And recyclable, too. Excellent. You'll be 
selling tons of this.

Andrea V., USA

This is a serious collector and serious businessman. I have never experienced better service and the Hammond is pristine. I will not find a better example. Thank you for your offerings and ethics. Regards, Paul 

Paul Z., UK

I have always wanted one of these and now I have the nicest one on the planet! Your expertise, fast secure shipping and superb customer is amazing! I'll cherish my valentine forever! THANK YOU!!

Cynthia R., USA

Dear Scott,
I absolutely love the little lady Corona 3! She is so perfect and exactly what I wanted. After having a terrible experience with another fine antique restorer I have to say that the quality of your instruments is amazing. Your restoration is beautiful. The action of the machine is so clean and smooth, very impressive! Scott, you took such a personal interest in my needs in selecting a very special machine. I don't think I have ever experienced customer service like yours. For those of you who are looking for a excellent antique typewriter source this company has the leading edge. From customer service to accessories and education Vintage Typewriter Shoppe has it all!


Shelley P-R, USA

Hi Scott,

 The remington arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and it was well received! My son is still in shock ;-p We can't thank you enough for all that you do and wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy new year!


Ellen B., USA

Scott, my yellow Royal Quiet De Luxe came and it's beautiful! The                                                       
photos didn't do this color justice. It types like a dream. The 
original manual is great and a big help to learn all the functions 
available on this model.

Thanks for the typewriter pads, too. And for the advertising flyer -- 
I love how someone wrote their notes about buying their Royal on it. I 
can't wait for your gift and accessory page to go up!

Thanks for all your help. And for a great machine.


Andrea V., USA

Great paper and ribbons! Shipped same day and packed very well. I'll be back for more!

John B., USA

Hi Scott; my 59 Olympia typewriter arrived safely a few hours ago.  WOW, I am really pleased.  The first thing I discovered and then just started laughing to myself (and my Jack Russell terrier); typists/secretaries didn’t have acrylic fingernails 40-50 years ago.  Was the paper a sample of what you are going to carry, sure hope so!


Will get some positive feedback up for you in the next few days and let you know who wins the household typing contest on a manual typewriter.

Take care, Trish

Trish S., USA

The typewriter pad arrived today and it's exactly what I've been looking for, and better. The non-slip lining you added works great. The compressed felt is thick and dense and the pad is sized perfectly for both my smallest and largest manual typewriters. Thanks for producing a great item.

Best regards,
--Ray S.

Ray S., USA

Hi Scott,

Customs finally released my typewirter and I picked it up today. It is AMAZING!  I love it more than my Mac Book air!! Thanks for everything.



Louis H-T, UK

Hi Scott,

The pad arrived today.  As my grandfather (who grew up in Hickory) used to say: "It's the cat's pajamas." Good design, made to last, the right product for the job.  Thanks for the good work and the speed; I'm glad I stumbled over your site.
All best,


Steve H., USA

Scott - Thanks the Hermes 3000 Script typewriter is fantastic.  Just as you had said, and all safe and "Mummified" in its shipping box.  I love it - Thanks



Chris R., USA

  We received the typewriter and the typewriter pad.   It is darling and works great.  We are very excited now for our granddaughter's birthday.    We know she will be thrilled.   I am happy it includes the care and operational instructions.   Perfect.  Thank you.   Jennifer


Jennifer T., USA

Dear Scott,

I am pleased to let you know that I finally received ‘Smith Premier 4’ yesterday afternoon. Despite its long journey to UK, it arrived safe and remained intact, thanks to your great packing skill (I was honestly impressed! And thanks for a pad too!). As you describe on your website, this typewriter is indeed ‘a show piece’ and really makes my study look extra special. Once again, thanks for everything!!


Ryoichi H., UK


Gorgeous  typewriter. Thanks for the freebies too.

Best  regards,


David M., USA

This is the only place to purchase high end, quality typewriters! I usually buy on ebay but really wanted a nice typewriter that did not need work upon arrival. I set my budget and began my search. It seems there are many "professional" typewriter sellers online but a close analysis of the pictures, feedback and lack of communication tells the true story. I contacted Scott on a Sunday afternoon. He was the first person that I was able to reach. My emails and phone messages had gone unreturned by the other sellers. Scott was very helpful and a fun person to talk to. Very down to earth and relaxed. I decided on the unusual, amazing Columbia Barlock! It arrived better than described and the packing was indescribable. Perfect! He is the best in every aspect of his business dealings and I will continue to buy from vts when my budget allows. Thank you for being so honest and trustworthy. I'm sure you will prosper for many years to come! :o)


Cheryl Ann B., USA

Owner Scott is very knowledgeable, easy to contact and talk to and overall, very pleasant to work with. The shipping services are A+. I have researched other typewriter websites, but after one purchase from him, I would never think of purchasing from anyone else. I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I will be, definitely, a returning customer.


Pam M., USA


Today, I got my Erika delivered.  It was beyond my expectation!
Thank you very much.
What a beauty!! Your restoration skill is really amazing!!






I got Corona 3 safe and sound.  It is working fine.
The package was not even opened by the Custom this time.

Here is the picture of Erika and Corona 3 on the shelf of our living room .

I found it is interesting that my son, who is brought up with game and PC machines,
likes these antique mechanical typewriters. Of course, my wife just loves them.

I would like to express my sincere appreciations to you once more.
I was fortunate to be able to deal with a person like you.

How can I use the VTS Feedback on your homepage?
There also, I would like to 'officially' express my appreciations.

PS: I'm planning to make a glass show case.

Yoshio W., Japan

Hello Scott,

 I am so very sorry for not writing sooner but vacation called! The Oliver arrived in excellent condition and is a joy to use. The packaging was the best I've ever encountered! I'm still learning all the mechanics but am rather afraid to use it because of the beautiful condition. As you know I have been searching for several years for the best condition Oliver 11 I could find and this is it! If you ever find a base and cover please consider me first. You are a wonderful salesman and I wish you continued success's in this field!


Graciously Yours

     Jordan M.

Jordan M., USA

Thank you so much, Scott, for all the help and pro advices you offered me about restoring that 1969 Olivetti Valentine. Some Ebay sellers should take example on your professionalism and helpfulness. The machine looks great now and will make a great present for my girlfriend!


  For the best in vintage clothing, checkout! Good Luck Christophe :)   Scott                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Christophe L. USA


Leigh Anne was absolutely ECSTATIC with the SM2.  The relative "youth" of the machine did not pose a problem and she loved the color.  Initially, I was stunned at how much I had forgotten about the simplest operations... took me 10 minutes to get the keyboard unlocked!!    And simple questions... like, how do you know when you're almost out of paper (my Mom taught me, I recalled, to make a light pencil line about an inch from the bottom of the page.

She spent much of the afternoon blazing away... well, not so much blazing, really.  But she typed better than three full pages and worked on her attack... she was considerably faster and more consistent by dinner time and still very much aglow.  As I came moping down the stairs for a quick breakfast at 5:45 this morning, again I heard the cheery clackety-clack of her flying fingers from the other side of the house.  

So, a VERY rewarding beginning, both for her and for me.  Only small disappointment was finding that this machine doesn't have the tabbing capabilities shown in the SM3 manual... but then I seem to recall this may have come up during one of our phone calls.  It's by no means a deal-breaker!

One question... do you happen to know anything about hardware/software that can scan a typewritten page and create a digitized copy that can be edited in a word processor?  The paradox, of course, is that the more value she gets out of the typewriter the more likely she'll need to get some of her output into a more contemporary vehicle for sharing with teachers, potential employers, etc.............. let me know if you have any thoughts.

Haven't got the camera downloaded yet but will send some pix when they're available.  You'll see a very happy face, I promise you.  Hope your wife had as nice a birthday as my daughter did.  And thank you again for being such a terrific person to do business with!



Kurt S., USA

Groma Kolibri arrived safely this afternoon--thanks for resurrecting it--shame it has had such a hard life, imagine metal on the new ones was beautiful.  Have been typing on it for the last few minutes; shocked how weak are fingers after years of computer keyboarding; marvel that speed was ever accomplished.  Have been reading up on typewriters generally and could not find much on these; out of curiosity, was this considered a good manufacturer? average? otherwise?  (bought 'cause I thought it was cute!).
Still interested in a script and hope to get back to you shortly. 

Patricia Ann C., USA

Hi Scott,

 I just got my royal and it's exactly what I hoped for! Thank you for the quick shipping and the erasers! I'll definitely need them ;-)

P.S. The typewriter is just beautiful!

Karan Y., USA

Hi Scott,

Both typewriters arrived about an hour ago.  There was no damage to 
either of them.  The red "delicate instruments" stickers are a great 
idea and the false bottom inside the box kept the typewriters from 
settling.  You did a great job packing those things.
  Both of the typewriters are in excellent condition and they all seem 
to work perfectly. I'm amazed at how good 
the condition of each one is, especially the Royal.  For a 70 year 
old machine it looks like new.  Wow!  Thanks also for the ribbon and 
tin for my Underwood 5. 
  It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I'm sure I'll be in 
touch again.  I noticed you have some items up on eBay and I'm 
keeping an eye on that Corona 3 folder.  Thanks again.


Ed G., US

Thanks!,  I love the Blickensderfer #5.  It came quickly and in great shape.  Thanks for your professionalism!, Tom


Tom H., USA

Hello Scott,
I wanted to write and thank you so much for the typewriter which is just perfect for James.  I picked it up late yesterday after receiving a notice in my letterbox that a parcel had arrived.  What great service - absolutely perfect timing.  Thank you so much for the little brushes too and the gorgeous little velvet bag.  I'm so pleased I got the rubber pad.  James will be arriving for dinner tonight and I will present it to him then.
I'm actually having reservations about giving it away - its so cute that I like it for myself!!
You have been so good to me and I am so grateful to you.  Thank you for enlisting your trust in me and for sending it off so promptly without even securing any payment for it.  How lovely that there are still people in this world who have faith in others as you did.
You know how hopeless I am with all this electronic correspondence?  Well I would like to give you a little 'write up' if you can direct me to one of your feedback pages because you are deserving of some complimentary adjectives!
It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you, Scott.  I'm so pleased I purchased it through you - it has made it even more special!
If any typewriters come your way that are just 'too good to be true' then keep me in mind.
I'm not sure what I mean by that but you may just find a lovely old typewriter that has my name on it.
Thank you for everything and don't forget there is always a bed for you and your family here in Sydney.
bye for now, Annette P.

 Annette had to use a paypal e-check and I decided to ship before the e-check cleared so the typewriter would arrive for he son's birthday on August 12th ;-) Scott

Annette P., Australia

Dear Sirs,

 I purchased your Underwood rose gold typewriter and I wanted to let you know it's beautiful! The typewriter arrived in a timely manner and was very professionally packaged. I will use my new typewriter every week. Thank you


Joann T., USA

The typewriter you sent arrived. A beautiful piece of machinery! Lots of cool mechanisms. I like it A LOT! Thanks for a great deal!

John E., USA

Hi Scott,

 Love my Olivetti! The font is super cool and everyone LOVES it ;") GREAT service and a GREAT site! Thanks for rescuing these little beauties and I hope your business continues to prosper! PEACE V


Amy W., USA

My experience with the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe was first class from start to finish. The customer service was beyond comparison. I purchased a very rare Victor portable typewriter. I have never seen another for sale on any site. The selection is outstanding. It arrived professionally packed(ebay, etsy and other sellers take note!) so no damage could occur. I found the typewriter to be even better than described and I am a stickler for details. If you have any interest in acquiring a vintage typewriter, this should be the only place you do business. Thank You.


Elizabeth C., USA

Hello McNeills:

The Blickensderfer arrived yesterday, Monday, July 16, 2007 in good order.  No box indentations or rough handling indications at all.  Good ol' UPS.  Thank you so much for this beautiful typewriter.  It is absolutely perfect.  Thank you for packing it so carefully.
Please let me know if you have or get an L.C. Smith & Brothers typewriter.  My neice had one as a child and has been looking for one in good condition.  Possibly a No. 8, or other model, with the tab keys, as I don't believe the No. 5 has tab keys.

Thank you.

Diane P., USA

Well Scott, 11 typewriters and 2 1/2 years later you're still the best out there! My Remington 10 arrived in pristine condition and is a wonderful compliment to the others. Keep up the good work and I'll be back for more!

Jan P. USA

I must say that the pictures on your site are amazing but when I received my smith corona I was in awe. It is absolutely beautiful! I didn't know a typewriter that old could look(and work) like new. You're an artist in my book and I'm really pleased with the whole expierence. Thank you for such a positive transaction.

Will G. USA

I bought this Smith Premier No.1, too, and am hooked on Scott's great service, attitude, and attention to detail. Thanks again.

Steve D. , USA

Hi Scott,                                                                                                                      

I've been meaning to thank you for this lovely machine! I'm very 
pleased with it. And thanks for all the goodies: the ribbon, pad, and 
ribbon tin! It was Christmas in July!  :)

Hope you're all doing well. We've had two straight days without rain. 
It's a record. Take care and talk to you soon...









Andrea V., USA

Hi Scott,
I received the typewriter yesterday, it arrived safe and snug with the great package job you provided. Just wanted to say thanks and that the typewriter looks awesome. I will definately tell my friends and family about your website and the great customer service you provided. Thanks again... I love my new vintage typewriter! :)
Scott ^_^

Scott S., USA

Look at the photos (Hammond 12), if Scott still has them up. This is just a perfect machine and I'm a happy camper! Thanks again. I'm looking forward to opening the next box!

Steve D. , USA

Fabulous Hammond. Beautiful and beautifully described! I am always available as a reference if Scott ever needs one! Buy your next one from VTS! Thank you!

Steve D. , USA

I purchased an Underwood 4 bank c.1930 from Scott, a fantastic machine in every regard. The machine was tuned and ready to go exactly as stated. Best of all - absolutely the best customer service/ support you could ask for with such an item.

Karl W., USA

Dear Scott,

 I'm finally getting back to reality after the wedding and honeymoon! I was going through some gifts and there was your typewriter! It was such a perfect center piece for the reception and everyone was very amused and amazed ;-) Thank you for offering such beautiful items and for all the memories they provide. Thank You,



Shannon H., USA

Absolutely WONDERFUL typewriters: purchased two: one with an impossible-to-find Russian keyboard, and the other a British Imperial, which looks as if it was made yesterday- not 70 plus years ago! Scott has terrific customer service and ships carefully and quickly. These are typewriters to treasure in a throw-away world. Thank you, Scott!

Susan G. USA

I purchased a portable from VTS several months ago. I found the whole process from purchase to delivery to be painless and quick. Great customer service. The typewriter is a real gem and I have enjoyed using it on a daily basis. I recommend VTS if you are looking for a quality product.

John S.P., USA


 My Royal arrived yesterday and I really like it!! It's smaller than I thought but it's just perfect! I'm going to take it to class and I'll let everyone know where I bought it. Thank you for such a great deal and the really quick shipping.

Mandy B. USC - USA

Hi Scott,

 My new corona is AWESOME!! You really are the best! Thanks so much for your advise and patience and I wish you the best :o)

Jen D. USA

Scott,                                                                                                                                               2nd Purchase!

     The typewriter arrived last night.  I never saw anything packed this well.  The double box was a great idea.  The 1925 Underwood #5 looks great sitting on a table right next to my antique roll-top desk.  Thanks for all your help and it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Jim T., USA

Anyone who is looking for refurbished typewriters at a fantastically reasonably price, THIS IS IT!!! I knew that as soon as I began typing on my "new" Underwood 3 Bank from 1929 that many hours of patience and dedication had been spent servicing and refurbishing it! Scott, it is easy to see that typewriters truely are your passion and that you're FANTASTIC at what you do!

Brandon M., USA

After 2 years of buying from you both on and off ebay, I'm still overjoyed when I receive one of your beautiful typewriters. Kudos to you Scott!

Carol R., OR

I rec'd my ribbon on for my lasalle stenotype on 10/1/07. It fit perfectly, all I had to do was wind it onto the spools for the lasalle machine. Thanks alot. hope to do business with you again.

W. Henderson, USA


 I wanted to write this for your feedback postings. I have been collecting typers for about 2 years and in that time I have acquired them from "pros", other collectors and ebay. There is simply no comparison to you and your typewriters! The packing is ingenious, service outstanding and the quality of the product is astonishing. I will definitely return for more of your gems! Kind Regards

P.S. This Remington Junior is the cleanest of my collection!

Jonathon M., UK

It was looking at a photo of a Blickensderfer 7 that got me started on my antique typewriter collection. Never had I seen such a beautiful thing! And now, thanks to you, I have my own. It arrived yesterday, in excellent condition as promised, and even as I'm typing I am looking at it and thinking how happy I am to have it. Doing business with you, Scott, and the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe has been a pleasure, nothing less. You can be sure I'll be back when it's time for a Remington 2! Also, the great ads were frosting on the cake -- wonderfully enjoyable. I'm glad I saw you on eBay and came by the shoppe site to visit!

John P., USA

The typewriter i recieved is great!  it was a bargain basement typewriter but is in fine condition, no complaints.  i have probably never received anything so carefully packed.  very impressed.  the typewriter works well and is a cool thing to have.  very, very pleased with my purchase and with the service received.

Liz M., USA



My Corona #3 arrived yesterday and it looks great! The typewriter looks exactly how you presented it. Thanks for your professional service.  I am impressed with the packaging and care you provided. It’s a part of American Typewriter history, that I now own.  I can’t wait to see the Underwood #5.

Talk to you soon,


Jim T., USA

Hello, Scott,
The Fox arrived about an hour ago, and I have been analyzing, examining, and playing with the jewel for all that time. It is great! Definitely worth the price. Please keep me in mind for other Fox machines, and foreign language machines!

Rick R., USA

  Product is a great find.  Customer service at its best.  Buy with confidence and satisfaction.  The Hammond was all I expected it to be.  Once again thanks for all the help.

Paolo B., USA

I love the great ribbons you offer; they add new power to an otherwise quiet typewriter!!!

Mike K., USA

Scott, I just wanted to thank you for the typewriter pads. They're 
wonderful. What a difference they make, keeping my little Royal 
portable in place. No more creeping across the table. I think it also 
makes the typewriter sound better. Yes, you can still hear the keys 
hit, but they're not as sharp. I'm very pleased with these pads.



Andrea V., USA

I just received my LC Smith Corona Sterling typewriter, and all I can say is WOW! I couldn't believe that it was even more beautiful in person than it was online. My wife is going to have a very hard time keeping me from buying more of these fine specimens!

Stephen C., USA

Dear Scott,

I picked up my fabulous new typewriter last week and have been meaning to send you a message thanking you for an extremely pleasant transaction! It is exactly as I hoped it would be. The vintage ribbon tin is lovely also, thank you ever so much!


Rose, Australia

Just got my is so gorgeous Scott, and exactly what I wanted...thank you so very much

all the best,

Amy F-G, USA

Hey Scott, I got the typewriter a little while back.  It's too cool.  It's staying out on my desk and I think I'm gonna have to get another!

Do you have any manual typewriters that work on a light touch and put up with faster keystrokes?  Thanks again, I'm looking forward to a second helping!

Mark W., USA

My lovely Smith Corona just arrived, and everything works perfectly. Thanks for the upgrade; I was unaware of the 10% discount. Have a lovely holiday and prosperous New Year.

Nostalgically, Barbara M., USA

I received my typewriters today and WOW! They are just beautiful! I can hardly believe the condition and the packing was superb! I'll definitely be back :-)

William R., USA

Dear Scott,

A very well packaged typewriter reached me today and perfectly suits
my needs.  Thank you.  I imagine placing another order in the near
future, actually.  Incidentally, I tried to enter positive feedback
on your website, but that generated an error message.

Many thanks for your careful attention to detail, efficient service,
and very effective communications.

Thanks also for the extra ribbons and correction fluid.  Additionally,
the note you left typed in the machine was a very nice touch.

All by best wishes,


Carl V., Ireland

Scott, I just wanted to thank you. Both the Olympia and the Royal Deluxe arrived safely. I love them both. The Olympia will be a work horse. I love the feel of the keyboard on the Royal. And what a lovely surprise to see an extra ribbon tin! Thank you so much for all three tins.
Thanks again, for everything...

Andrea V., USA


  Thank you again for what was the most pleasant business transaction. The Royal Veveltone (in brown) is simply a beautiful machine! I will make a point to leave you feedback very soon.

  Please find the enclosed maintenance kit which you kindly forwarded - when in fact one had indeed already been included with the typewriter.


Lee E., USA

Great typewriter! Am very happy - everything I expected. Great service as well. Very accomodating. Thanks so much.

B. Cook, USA

Hey Scott,  Just wanted to let you know that my Mom got her gift today 
and is thrilled!  What a great birthday surprise for her at 82 years 
old!  It arrived on her actual birthday too!  Yahoo!  Thanks again for 
the terrific service!--Mark

Mark K., USA

Thanks for the speedy delivery, especially with free shipping!  The typewriter looks and works great!  I will buy from you again in the future.  Thank you!

Adrian B. N., USA

You have been kind and understanding to me. Thank you for great typewriter.

Albrecht R, Germany

As your first customer of 2009, and the now proud owner of the Maroon 1961 Olympia SM4 I discovered at the top of you typewriters for sale listings, I must tell you how very pleased I am with every facet of our recent business transaction. From the sheer beauty and professional workmanship of "Belle" (yes, I've named her!), to the superb master craftsmanship and enthusiastic support and customer service you have provided, I am a most satisfied customer.
With much appreciation,
Clarence A. R.

Clarence A. R., USA

The Hermes Rocket I bought for my daughter arrived last night.

Her delight upon spotting it at her seat at our kitchen table was worth every penny it cost.  My wife and younger daughter were equally in awe of the little Rocket — and the quality of every aspect of the machine and case.

The seafoam green color was as promised (and as specified by the recipient).  Packing was amazing, as was the entire shopping/question&answer/buying process.

I will not hesitate to recommend VTS to anyone looking to buy a working, quality vintage typewriter.  Thanks again for your help.


Al N., USA

Dear Scott,                                                                                                                                2nd Purchase!

Ii just received my second typewriter from you and like the first one I am verry happy, Thank You

Guillermo S., Mexico


Your customer service has been the excellent A++.  I purchased the mint "turquoise blue" quiet royal typewriter and just received it today.  WHAT A BEAUTY!  The way it was packaged was with great care, the typewriter itself is everything I wanted and more. What a great piece of vintage history. Also, wanted to say thanks for the vintage "original" typewriter manual, and cleaning kit.  I will be having so much fun with this machine. 
Thanks again!

Marita S., USA

Got my wonderful brown Olympia SM4 this afternoon. What a beautiful girl! And what a fantastic packing job you did! Would not hesitate to buy from you again - and probably will. Thanks!

Bobbie H., USA

My mom gave this to me for Christmas.  I love it!  I am just learning to type, and have already typed thank you notes and my first newspaper editions.  My mom said your service was excellent, friendly and speedy. 

Eleanor, age 7


Eleanor F., USA


 I received the typewriter and it looks perfect.  Thanks so much.  I appreciate it.  I am looking forward to seeing my daughters face on Christmas morning.  Have a Merry Christmas.




She loved the typewriter.  It was perfect.  It could not have been better.  Thanks again Scott.

Nick G., USA

The typewriter has arrived. It is beautiful! Thanks very much.


Isabelle A., USA

Hey Scott,

 Thank you so much for your help and advice! I definitely think I bought the right typewriter and can't wait for my wife to open it on Christmas morning. It looks amazing and arrived without any issues. I hope you have a great Christmas!

Paul R., USA

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to send one last quick thanks for all the help with selecting and purchasing a typewriter this holiday season.  I got it safe and sound from UPS last week, and it looks beautiful!!  I am so thrilled, and I know my boyfriend will love it.  Thank you again for everything, and I will be sure to spread the word about your site!

Happy Holidays!

Sarah E., USA

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how pleased I am with all of my new typewriters!

I find your customer service outstanding and these are the best typewriters I've bought so far.

Thank you for great deals and wonderful service! Warm Regards

Kelly J, Australia

I just recieved my royal quiet de luxe and couldn't be happier. Everything looks great and seems to be in working order. I wanted to go ahead and buy a few replacement ribbons being that this is a gift, but I couldn't find in the instruction manual the ribbon size, and rather than make an educated guess I just assumed it'd be easier to ask. Thanks again, great doing business with you!

Dustin J. L., USA

Hi Scott,
  Thank You!! What an ingenious typewriter! My Hammond is awesome and the fact that it works is simply AMAZING ;>P I was on pins and needles during the layaway process but I'm so glad you offer that option. I couldn't have afforded it otherwise! In my opinion it's better than described. The communication was perfect and the transport lightening fast. The actual packing was also just amazing! It only took me about 10 minutes to unpack but I'm guessing it took much longer for you to pad it accordingly. My many thanks go out to you for your topshelf products and flawless customer service! Cheers!

Sally F., UK


The Royal Junior you sold me has worked out perfectly. It is exactly what I
had envisioned.

I had never bought anything off the internet before and definitely knew
nothing about typewriters, so your advice and expertise were doubly
appreciated. I am very pleased with my purchase,


Brian H., USA

You get what you pay for! Typewriter *mint* as promised, delivered promptly and safely.  Scott is very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks again.

Justin F., USA

I can't believe how beautiful this 1930's Royal Portable Duo Tone Red typewriter
is! My husband gave it to me last night for our 10-year wedding anniversary and
the first thing I did this morning was to type him a thank you note on my
personal stationary. It is so beautiful and the movement is completely fluid. I
was kvelling over the sound of the "ding" at the margins and the tapping of the
keys hitting the paper. This is the best anniversary present ever!!! Thank you
for helping him pick just the right one. He told me how much time you spent on
the phone with him and you guys picked the perfect one. Thank you, thank
you...THANK YOU!!

Cynthia N., USA

Scott, My Hermes 3000 arrived. It is wonderful! This whole transaction with
you has been first class. Thanks for all your help and I will be back. You
are a good man and you are making a lot of people happy and more eloquent
with these magic little time machines!

Dr. Richard C. F., USA

Hi Scott, 
I have received the typewriters and it is such an absolute pleasure to see them in that condition; so loved and taken care of and packed so well. Apart from just the typewriters alone; it gave me heart that there is still an attitude about really caring for something, and doing things well, caring about what people ask for. So thanks so much; I've been dealing with such brutal situations (one of my art works was coming back from the Museum of Isreal after a very successful exhibition; and it was literally smashed to pieces at the customs; because they wanted to see what was inside the hollow plastic structure!) Also, this is not just in India; I've also found an callous attitude in other 'more developed' parts of the world too. I lived in Italy for some years; to me it seems that people care least there! Anyway thanks- this is fantastic! All the best; 
Will get in touch for my next order in some time. 
ps: hope the economic crisis has not affected your business!


Aparna R., India

Hello Scott,
I appreciate the advice that I got from you while I was looking for a vintage typewriter.  The 1935 Underwood 4 Bank has turned out to be the perfect choice.  It is really a work of art and I am amazed daily at the beautiful condition.  To have something this old that functions perfectly is incredible.  I was nervous about the shipping but your packaging was very carefully done.  Thank you very much!

Curtis B., USA

Hi Scott

 My ribbons arrived super fast and were exactly what my old corona needed! Thanks for great service!

Beth K, USA

Dear Scott,

  We received the Royal today and it's even btter than described! It really looks like new! Your skills are amazing and we really enjoyed the entire process. We wish you the best ;-D

Diane R., USA


I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication and the commitment
you’ve shown to your customers.  After a slight mix-up with UPS, you came
through in a big way, not only by discounting the machine by over 30 percent,
but by going so far as to replace the machine entirely, ensuring that I would be
completely satisfied with my experience at the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe.  Aside
from the incredible selection you offer, your communication level was terrific,
and you have gone above and beyond my expectations.   I’m really looking forward
to my next purchase from you.  Thanks a million, Scott.

Tony L., USA

Dear Scott,  Hi.  I hope your family is all well now.  We waited to open the typewriter until last Friday ( my b day).  It's so great!  The girls are really loving it too.  They have been writing messages and articles ( like Kit) to one another.  We will treasure it for a long time.  Thank you so much.              

Ine K., USA

Hi Scott,

Received the Corona yesterday.  Haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks great!  Thanks again for all your help.

Greg H., USA

Well I always wanted to own a vintage type writer and I have a
very clean early one.Thanks to Scott he will help you and give you tips if you
are an enthusiast of vintage  manual typing machines. It's actually fun to type
on a machine that has been serviced and checked. Will be looking to purchase

Joe Z., USA

Hi Scott,

  Well, I finally took the plunge and purchased the Williams 2. I had been looking at it for several months and it was definitely the finest specimen I'd ever seen. The price was significant though and was my only hesitation. I received the BEAUTIFUL Williams within 4 days! It was expertly packaged (you should post how to pack an office model on your other site!) and even better than the pictures! I have seen many typewriters and have bought or traded for several years, but I have never found one in this condition. I have also NEVER had a typewriter packaged so well! I am very, very pleased with all aspects of this transaction and I fully recommend the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe. If you are in the market for a quality vintage typewriter, then this is the only place to do business. Warm Regards, Rob 

Rob G., USA

To Scott:  Your take on the bargain basement also means a quality typewriter nonetheless. I picked up the manual Signature 300T from the post office this past Wednesday.  I needed a small typewriter to use at work. The computer at work is alright except that I need to insert my ID cache card, type in a password, wait for the screen to change, and walk over to the printer
to pick up any draft documents if I'm alway from the computer for more than 5
minutes at a time.  Now I can do rough draft documents on the Signature at my
work station. The signature is in beautiful shape, types flawlessly, and can take a lot of pounding although it has a light weight plastic body. It's amazing how you can get beautiful vintage typewriters and provide them to faithful customers.  Thanks again for a fourth beautiful typewriter from the bargain basement nonetheless.


Marcus T., USA

Hi Scott,

I hope you remember me...I recently bought the royal quiet machine from you for
my daughters B'day. She was given it today and LOVES
it, she is non-stop typing her fingers off!!! We had a ?? about there not
seeming to be an exclamation point key. We tried to figure
it out, but see it nowhere. Thanks for the help.

Lysa J., USA

Hi Scott,

 I'm writing to let you know how happy I am with my typewriters! I have been a pharmacist for 20 years and just fell in love with your beautiful little typewriters. Several of the symbols aren't even used anymore which gives them an added charm. I searched the internet and yahoo, and you were the most recommended dealer. Each typewriter was packaged with precision and care. I found them to be even better than the pictures or description which I couldn't believe! Your communication has been professional and prompt and I may even come back for more. I can already feel an itch and that blue corona might be the scratch. Thank you once again for such a pleasurable process and I wish you much success in the future. Kindly, Dana

Dana C., USA

Super Cool!! Just got it today and have played with it for hours! Better than the pics and rapid parcel delivery! An amazing accomplishment of design and functionality! You made me one hell of a happy bloke ;-D Cheers!

Jonny B., UK

Heya Scott!

The Baby (Hermes Rocket) arrived yesterday!!! I had so much fun trying to find
it under all the foam bubbles. :D It arrived in excellent condition, and it's
soooo pretty! Types so smoothly like a dream, the font is cute too. ^^

I may get my own customized metal plate to replace the missing one!(My baby was
from the bargain basement.)

Thanks for all your help with the shipping and everything!

Next one on the list is an Olympia SF, definitely buying from you again! (once I
manage to save enough money :P)



AG, Australia


Well, I'm not sure "Thank You" seems adequate to express my gratitude for the 
refurbishing of my Royal 10 with Windows.
I typed and typed, unable to believe that a typewriter of this age could
function so beautifully!
It arrived last evening and I couldn't wait to unwrap (quite a daunting task)
and try it out. Lucky day when I bought it for $2 as it sat on the ground at a
rummage sale. Thank you for bringing it back to life!



Glenda C., USA

  Dear Prospective Customer(and Scott!),

  I have bought 6 wonderful typewriters from Scott over the past 2 years. I'm never disappointed! Scott has the highest quality of workmanship, communication and packing. It is nice to know I can always depend on VTS for first class merchandise and Presidential service. I plan on using this beautiful Royal deluxe(which wasn't even listed but Scott got it ready for me in just 3 days!) for years to come. Thanks once again for a perfect experience and know I'll be back for more. Sincerely, William

William L., USA

Hi Scott,

  I just opened the Corona and Whoa. Nelly! It is PERFECT! I have bought a few typewriters over the years but this has just shocked me! It's a beautiful typer that has been professionally serviced, advertised, packed and delivered! I can't express my wonder and delight! You are an amazing businessman and my thanks go out to you indefinitely! With warm regard, John

John C. M., USA

Hey Scott,
"Mabel" arrived safely yesterday and I was so excited that I didn't notice your
letter until this morning. As I was typing and getting acquainted with her, I
was thinking about those little white out papers I used in high school to
"erase" my mistakes and was wondering whether they still made 'em. Then I opened
the "maintenance pouch" you so kindly included, and there was the modern
version! She has some quirks, for sure, but I'm certain we'll be great friends.
Thanks very much for sending to an "unrecognized address" and trusting me to
know where I live. I lofe, lurve, love! my "new" typewriter. Very cool! Stacy


Stacy W., USA

Hey Scott,

Opened my typewriter and could not believe it! I read it came with the original
case,but to see the condition was unreal. That's above and beyond the
typewriter itself. The simple, yet, elegant workmanship of these machines speaks
to American ingenuity at its best.
The sensitive restoration you give these is a gift.
As an antique collector, I consider it a privilege to own my "Kitt Kittredge"
Royal model.
Many thanks,


Glenda C., USA

Hi Scott --                                                                                                               3rd Purchase

 Got the Groma today.  A beautiful little machine :).  Truly, the
machines you sell really do "feel like new".  Everything seems to work
wonderfully.  The keys have a wonderful feel for such a little
typewriter.  A pleasure to type with.  Really, almost as light and
smooth as the full size portables you've sold me.
 All in all, another gorgeous machine.  Thank you for
restoring these machines and getting them as close to new as anyone
could reasonably expect.  Being a computer geek by day, I'm not too
worried about a computer suddenly coming to life. If any machine could
possibly be "alive", it would be one of your machines.  They all have
their own feel and distinct character, so much more so than any Mac or
Dell.  Thanks again.



Mike L., USA


Hi Scott,
Just wanted to advise you of the safe arrival of the typewriter you sent to me and to thank you for not only a beautiful machine , but for the care with  which you executed the transaction. Prompt delivery, excellent packing, meticulous detailing of the typewriter, great communication and an obvious high regard for your customers, what more could I ask for? I look forward to doing business with you again......Ken


Ken S., USA


I got the Remington Noiseless Portable today. Your packaging is just
amazing. The best I've evHier seen!

This is my first manual typewriter and I look forward to using it for a
long time to come. Thank you for the first-rate service!


P.S. Could you post this on the VTS feedback page? Thanks again!

Simo. S. A., Finland

Hi Scott,

 The Hermes 3000 arrived in pristine condition and I simply love the script font! I'll admit I was not as handy as I thought at typing but after a week I feel like a pro! LOL! Thank you so much for your great work, fast shipping and remarkable packaging. I'm definitely a fan for life!

Mark C., USA

Thank you for the precise packing instructions. Will send an email when I ship
this out.
Also wanted to say thanks for including the special gift in my ribbon tin I
ordered. Not only was the tin even better than the photo,but the typewriter
eraser was too cool. Very thoughtful!
Thanks again,


Glenda C., USA

Hello Scott,
Yes, the ribbons arrived last week and it is great to have some that
actually have ink that isn't dried out.  Will recomend you.



Garth T., USA

Typed Letter:

  Dear Scott,

 I wanted to offer a special thank you by writing you a letter on my Royal Deluxe! I just love it and cannot bring myself to put it back into the case. I really appreciate your business values and ethics and your patience with me. Take care of yourself! 

Jeanea H., USA

Hi Scott,

 My ribbon tins arrived yesterday! Thank you for the extras. They were well packed and better than described. I'll be back for more!

David B., USA

Hi Scott,

  I love my NEW hermes typewriter! It is like new and I'm just so pleased with the way you do business! I wish every one was as honest as you! Thanks a bunch and keep up the wonderful job that you are doing!

Monica S., USA

Amazing condition and the best packing I have ever seen! Works perfectly and the communication was spot on! Thanks ;-D

Richard L., UK

Thank you for the fast service! The ribbon was a perfect fit and is of high quality. Better than any I have ever bought! Now I just need to get my old Remington serviced so it will type! Maybe I'll send it to you!

George H., USA

I'm very pleased.....Thank you!

Lynn F., USA

To Scott: Thanks for a third beautiful typewriter. Although
it's a smaller than usual manual portable, this Olympia SF 1960 types flawlessly
and can take heavy use at only 9 pounds 2 ounces. The three typewriters that
I've purchased from Vintage Typewriter Shoppe each has a different draft
document in it including a manual 1980 Facit desk model that I purchased
locally. It's much easier for me to write and revise on four different documents
in this way than trying to do it on my home computer which requires too much
switching on only one screen. I can use the computer for final documentation
later. Thanks for such a great service in supporting customers around the world.




Marcus T., USA

Hi Scott –

 The typewriter arrived today.  What a beautiful machine.  I so much appreciate your help in getting this to us.

 GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE on your part.  Thanks again.

Lisa K., USA

Dear Scott,

I received my Triumph Gabriele E today! Thank you! It arrived earlier than expected, so again, thank you!
When I collected it from the post office, the two staff who handled my precious package were rather careless and completely ignored the sticker that said Delicate Instruments. Fortunately you had it securely stuffed and packed and my typewriter was unveiled from the bubblewrap without a scratch. I have already typed two pages (of rambling nothingness) and the machine worked fine, as you said it would. I would have preferred to write you a thank you note on my 'new' machine but email is faster (plus i wouldn't know where to mail it). 
I'm so happy. And i will have many happy hours, days, years, typing on it. 
P.S. I'm already fantasizing about other typewriters - it's a very dangerous and slippery road, and I must be careful not to fall into starting a collection! But if I do, you will surely hear from me again. Have a good day!

Bee P., Singapore

Dear Mr Scott
I have received my Royal Deluxe and it is exactly what I hoped it would be. A
perfect example of a well preserved and properly serviced typewriter. 70 years later it is still an amazing piece of machinery, and thanks to you it sits proudly on my desk. I typed page after page inspired by its aura. Thank you very much, you did an excellent job in servicing it and shipping it to me. I have a feeling it will not be our last transaction.


Andreas T., Cyprus

Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of owning a vintage ROYAL 10 in Singapore. It came in an extremely well protected parcel which travelled almost to the other side of globe to reach me. I'm so delighted to receive this beautiful machine made in 1930's which weighed 30lbs. Thanks again for the fabulous business transaction. You are GREAT to do business with : )
Warmest Regards,


Hi Scott,
  Thank you so much for allowing me this great opportunity to own a vintage ROYAL 10 manual typewriter, especially in Singapore. It’s certainly a very heavy typewriter but I love it! And the parcel is so well-protected, it’s been great doing business with you and I’ve left feedback on your site. Who knows, I may want to buy another vintage typewriter from you again : ) You take care!


Maureen C., Singapore

 Another fine addition for my ever expanding collection! Scott not only has the best typewriters available for sale, he is also the most professional dealer I've ever done business with. My brother and I have bought from just about everybody over the last 3 years and the others are mainly hype or relying on their reputation on yahoo to pull them through problem deals! Scott is always quick with accurate responses and I've never had a negative experience with him or his wonderful typers. All you typewriter folks out there need to look no further than The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe! Absolutely the best!


Dr. Robert S., USA

    Once we got that little problem fixed over the phone last night the typewriter worked beautifully. It's truly amazing that its over 80 years old and in mint condition. I typed on it last night for quite sometime and did not run into one problem. Thank you so much for you're help!


Katherine B., USA

   More than satisfied. You offer high quality typewriters. Thanks too for the accessories. which are all welcome.


John M., USA

 Great site for quality vintage typewriters.  You pay for what
you get and if you want quality...this is the site. Some of my ebay purchases (from
other sellers) have not been as described, but Scott's machines are exactly as
described.  When I want the best with fair prices, I will always come to the
"Vintage Typewriter Shoppe" first. 
Scott is honest, responds quickly and has the best typewriters available!


Bob A., USA

Dear Scott;
  Thanks for the ribbon. Quite a difference from the 80+ year old one on the machine. The gloves are a great idea and very thoughtful. I also appreaciate the discount. Thanks again.

Scott S., USA

Greetings from the land of Himalayas, Nepal.
Extremely pleased with the machine that you had sent. Very fine and would like
to treasure it. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks.


Dr. Ramesh S., Nepal

Wonderful responsive communication. Included an unexpected
gift with ribbon order.

Valerie E., USA

Just a beautiful color and great working typewriter! Professionally run company and you know what you're doing! Many Thanks!

Richard T., USA

Repeat Customer!

Typewriter delivered to my door with arrival date and time
emailed to me! The packaging was simply excellently done.  Naturally my
typewriter arrived in perfect condition.  What a fabulous little machine with
that solid sound and feel found on the larger Olympias.  I couldn't be happier. 
And thank you so much for the little blue bag of accessories. I love this


Valerie E., USA


Ovidio D., PR

Quick, helpfull.....Great service....Everything positive.


Denis C., UK

I am very, very satisfied with my new underwood! I don't believe, that it is possible today to obtain an old typewriter in so good, mint condition! I am very surprised! Thanks!
Have a nice day,

Vladis S., Latvia


Dear Scott:
WONDERFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Francklin and Pittsburg arrive.
Very Good , perfect.
I am very pleased!


Luca T., Italy

Hi Scott,

 Just wanted to let you know that my Hermes 3000 arrived! That was the fastest parcel I've ever received from the US! Now on to the typewriter itself; It's far better than the description and pictures! I am simply astounded by the condition and the packing was indestructible! Anyone who has stumbled upon that hateful site can rest assured that this is a fine seller of impeccable goods. Liars are every where online these days! It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I will return as soon as my funds have recovered ;-D Cheers!

PS: Robert is still loving his Remington 5!

Darren W., UK


Thank you for my lovely machine and all the accessories.

I am a very happy customer.

All the best from a windy London.



Benjamin F., UK


Again, thank you so much for a SECOND amazing typewriter. In fact, not only an amazing machine, but the EXACT machine I have been looking for. There is one bad side to this deal, you have turned me into a collector and I'm quite sure this won't be good for my pockets. It does, however make me feel extremely privileged to have done business with you again. I cannot recommend your site enough, it is simply THE place to go for typewriters. It's that simple - and I thanky ou, so, so much, again, for the excellent service and beautiful machine!


David L., UK

Hi Scott,

 I've bought over 20 typewriters on ebay and am almost always disappointed. They usually aren't packed well and I know some of the issues arise from that, but mainly they just aren't as nice or work as good as a seller claims. This was certainty NOT the case with the remington 3b I received from you this past weekend. Not only was it cleaned, oiled and working perfectly but the packing system you use is really amazing. I want to thank you for offering such fine typers and I'll be back for more. 

George R., USA

 I had been looking for a "primo" maroon Olympia for a long time.  I finally found it in the dark-maroon beauty from vts. I could sit this machine on a desk and be satisfied just staring at it.
It bespeaks quality and design.
But this one also "walks the walk." Has a touch to die for, a feather-smooth return of carriage, yet with the hidden heft to anchor it like a rock. 
Thanks to vts, I got my maroon machine.

Jim J., USA

Hi Scott :

Yesterday arrive your machines: WONDERFULL, PERFECT, PACKING VERY GOOD. ARE

Luca T., Italy

Amazing typewriter. Looks great and operates perfectly (and is
over 60 years old). This is the best place to find a vintage typewriter, with
excellent service and a huge selection. Thanks.

Erik S., USA

The burgundy-and-buttercream Olympia SM-3 I bought from vts is a classic keeper.  It wows you with its rare 2-tone color scheme, and then wows you with its tight German engineering. What a superb touch!
This machine pleases your fingertips as much as your eyes.
Another great offering from vts.


Jim J., USA

Perfect communication and perfect packing and a perfect clean, beautiful vintage typewriter makes this a dream deal! I still can't get over the condition of this typewriter and the great customer service! Thanks so much Scott! I'll enjoy it for a long, long time :0)

Angela B., Canada

Scott --

This is my second purchase from you, and I just wanted to leave a quick note to
let you know how thrilled I am with the Triumph.  What a _gorgeous_ machine!

I was a little worried that she'd be all looks and no go, but what a great,
smooth touch!  Another winner!  ding ding ding!

You're providing a very special service by restoring these classy old machines. 
The typewriters and service I have got from you are truly worth every cent. 
Thank you.

Michael L., USA

Hello Scott
The two typewriters are arrived yesterday morning,they are so great!! Fantastic I have never see a so accurate packaging. Wonderfull.
Today I have already done the bank transfer for these Blicke 9 and Underwood 3.

Best Reguard

Luca T., Italy

  I just received the nicest typewriter I've ever owned! A rare Royal portable with a cherry woodgrain finish! I was pleased will all aspects of the transaction and especially impressed with the thoughtful customer service. My one complaint is that the 5 typewriters I bought off ebay look like junk when sitting next to the one I got from Scott. Seriously! I don't even want to display them now that I know what a top of the line typewriter looks like. I might just send them all to Scott and see if he can works his magic with them. This is a very honest seller and if you want the best, don't hesitate doing business with him. Two thumbs up!

Darren J., USA


 The Valentine is beautiful… my girlfriend moved all of her stuff off a shelf to give it the space it deserves (should of bought one earlier if I knew she was going to do that!!!).

 Thanks for everything



Chris G., US

 If you're looking for a vintage machine in exactly the condition it's described (well, better really, you wouldn't believe how new these machines look!) then you've come to the right (or 'write') place!

I ordered my Remington 5 Streamlined Portable and it arrived as promised, in perfect working condition, with it's original case, and looking brand new. I don't know how a machine from before my parents were born can look so new - it really is incredible! To think of all the things it's seen! It truely is inspirational, and the service I recieved from Scott was an inspiration along with it! Kind, professional, and doing more for me than he really needed to, answering my constant email queries at a moments notice - I can't praise his service enough!

David L., UK

  My Densmore typewriter arrived in perfect, working condition. Better than the pictures and a very impressive writing machine. The packaging was exceptional and there were no signs of damage or mishandling. The communication was constant and I was updated via email of the shipping progress. My compliments to the vintage typewriter shoppe for operating so smoothly and making this Christmas one to remember. Many thanks!

Paul B., Belgium

I received my beautiful Royal Velvetone in perfect condition
with no issues. Only problem that I had was realizing that I had no idea how to work it despite being able to handle a computer pretty well :) But I sheepishly asked for a manual and Scott sent one right along. I'm crossing my fingers that I figure out how to set the margins!

Scott C., USA

 Scott is the BEST! After contacting VTS about my desires, needs, hopes and dreams, Scott led me to a Remington Streamliner! It is exactly what I was looking for in appearance and functionality! It took me a few days getting acquainted with it but I can really move now! If you want to deal with a professional who knows his stuff then look no further than The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe. The product, price and the fact the typewriter arrived packed for nuclear fallout, just doesn't get any better! I'm overjoyed with my new purchase and can't say enough about the quality of the typewriter and the quality of the service! Thanks Scott!

Joshua A., USA




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