Payment Options


   I accept all credit cards (AmEx, Discover, Visa, Mastercard and Bankcards) through Paypal payment systems. Paypal is free for any customer to use. Instead of me capturing your payment information, you'll transfer to paypal to securely enter your payment information. Paypal charges me a fee for processing the payments electronically. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay. Payment confirmations are on your computer screen as well as sent through emails.

   I also accept gold and silver. It must be properly marked and arrive before I ship. I offer 10% over spot price. If silver is at a spot price of $20 per troy ounce, I would consider an ounce worth $22 in regard to buying one of my typewriters. In this example, to buy a $700 typewriter with silver, you'd need to contact me first so I can remove it from inventory and then send 32 ounces for payment. Gold is so expensive that I could only accept 1 gram up to 5 gram bars/rounds or 1/10 up to 1/4 ounce for payment. Any difference on your end would need to made up in cash. I won't "make change" on precious metal transactions. I've accepted silver and gold for over a decade. As there has been an increase in paying this way, I created this page as a reference.

  Thanks again for your interest and please contact me with any questions :-) Scott




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