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 "Our country is in great peril, demanding the loftiest views, and boldest action to bring it speedy relief. Once relieved, it's form of government is saved to the world; it's beloved history, and cherished memories, are vindicated; and it's happy future fully assured, and rendered inconceivably grand."     

                                  Abraham Lincoln



Emails without the word "typewriter" in the subject go directly to my SPAM folder and are not answered.



I hope everyone is doing well! Having the restrictions eased in NC is awesome! Of course, we were never in dire straits with Cv19 anyway. Hopefully we will NEVER go back to the severe lock-down restrictions we faced over the past year. Hoping all those in other states catch a break as well ;-)

Still working on Olympia's and Royals. When I think I'm close to getting some on the site, they sell to someone on the waiting list. For example, if someone is wanting a Spruce Green Olympia SM3 in Excellent condition with a Pica or Continental Elite font. They may be the only person waiting on those features. If they pass on it, it gets listed on the site since no one else is in queue. There may someone who is looking for the same model but in a different condition(Mint or Near Mint), font(Script) or color(Burgundy). Typically, waiting list customers buy at a rate of 75%. Everyone who's been on a list lately has purchased. Unusual and keeping me from getting some on the site.

I've been working on some office models and plan to have some listed this coming week. An Underwood 6 in pristine condition should be ready Friday. Also a Royal FP in Pink and Gray that I'm hoping to list Wednesday. Also working on a rare Hammond 1, Beautiful Oliver 3, Hammond Multiplex, Remington portable 2, Hammond Folding and a few Bargain Basement machines. Still setting up the shop but I'm more than halfway through. OCD kicking in big time but I'm controlling it the best I can ;-)

I'll also be re-launching the VTS Lay-Away Program soon. You can read about it below. Thanks to everyone who emailed your opinion on it! Very insightful :-)

That covers what's going on and I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful emails and overall encouragement. Not to mention the patience! I truly appreciate every visit, correspondence and purchase! Your business is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted! Thank You!








This will be a long one! First off, I'd like to address inventory. I chose not to renew my shop lease. I've moved my entire operation to my home. As many of you who follow me know, I've been working on a 100% green, solar shop on my property. Solar panels, 10 KWh battery backup and water from my rain barrel system pressurized for use in the cleaning tank. I'm doing everything myself and running a business at the same time is tough. That being said, I'm currently working on a Hammond Folding 26, a black Corona Four, a Blue Corona Four and some Bargain Basement machines. I hope to have new listings going up this Friday.

In regard to the Bargain Basement, I plan on working on those as much as the main page. A lot of people are hurting. I know all about it too. Being shut down for 5 1/2 months last year = two things I learned. I'm not financially ready to retire and I love my wife and children so much it's sometimes painful. Both were very valuable lessons. Well, not the retire one. I'm a workaholic and can't fathom not working. I honestly find that idea a little terrifying. As the economy continues to slowly march onward, I've had a lot people contact me looking for machines in the $400 to maybe $600 range. You may have noticed I've been listing one or two fairly expensive machines with the majority being under $700. Some, like those currently listed, near $600. I do this because I've never been driven by profit. I want every single person who wants one of my typewriters to have one. But I can't just lower the prices on the finer examples as I would lose too much money and go out of business. I can, however, focus on more affordable, daily use writing machines. And that's what I'm going to do. So hold onto to your desire to write that novel ;-) More affordable machines are on the way!

I still have some short waiting lists for Olympia's and Royals. I'm working on it. No eta yet but I'll announce when I have some available to list.

Outside refurbs are being accepted but turn-around for a portable is 7 business days. Office models are now at 14 business days. Prices have not changed. Check the "$150 - $250 Typewriters" page for details.

Lastly, I'm considering relaunching the VTS Lay-Away Plan. It was simple years ago, it'll be simple now. A 25% non-refundable payment made via a check or money order. When I did this before, I allowed paypal payments for the 25%. Unfortunately, some people never completed the payment plan and would contact their CC company or PP and say they never received the item. This would trigger a chargeback and damage my premier business reputation with Paypal. It didn't matter that they didn't complete the payment for the item and therefore it never shipped. Big finance can't be bothered with common sense. So, to avoid any issue like that now, I would only accept the non-refundable down payment in a non-electronic form. The remaining balance would be paid via Paypal through business invoices that I would email when you were ready to make a payment. I would ask that additional payments be at least $75 and you would have 12 months to pay it off. Example (for those who may be interested), an $800 typewriter (Free S&H to US addresses, no tax unless I've done at least $15,000 business in your state - Not likely) would require a $200 mailed payment. The remainder would be paid off as your finances allow. No interest or anything. Just the original total within 12 months from the receipt of the down payment. While your beauty is waiting, I'll mark it as "On Lay-Away!" and leave it visible on the page. I'll just throw this to you guys to see if this is something you'd like implemented. I've asked for input before (no comments on the "ancient looking site", please ;-)) and always get a surprisingly large response!

Well, I guess that pretty much covers everything. Times they are a-changin' (Bob Dylan) and I'm hoping it'll be for the better. As always, so many thanks to everyone who checks in, whether you buy or not! Stay safe, stay hopeful and stay passionate about typewriters :-) Scott

(Spelling errors will be addressed in the AM. I'm tired.)




  Just a relatively short update on shipping. Due to a majority of shoppers buying online this year, UPS and USPS are way behind schedule. I've continued to get updates on shipping times but now... they don't really know. "Ship as soon as you can" seems to be the advice. East Coast shipments need to go out by the 18th for the absolute last chance to make it by Christmas. Middle US shipments need to go out by the 17th. West Coast shipments need to be shipped by the 15th. Shipping companies are offering NO guarantees on timely delivery. I'll continue to add machines to the site each week. The perfect gift arriving late is better than the standby gift arriving on time ;-)

Post Scriptum 

  Well this year has sucked. The end of 2020 can't come soon enough, although we're likely headed for harder times with unscientific lock-downs, forever wars and more lies and deceit from our "leaders". Take this time to reflect on what really matters. God, Family and Self Reflection. Use common sense. Listen to that little voice inside of you that helps guide your decision making. Stop following and start leading. Those in power use those without it to become more powerful. It's not capitalism. It's humanism. It's life. It has always been this way and has always led to an uprising, bloodshed, major disruption in daily life and social rebirth. We clean the slate and then we allow it to become chalked up again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  My hope for all of us is that we can come together in our own small way. Not as a country (Sadly, I feel that's impossible at this point), but as communities who care for one another. Refuse the hate, fear, idiocy, tyranny, hypocrisy and destruction of lives and livlihoods that have become all too common in 2020. "Rules for thee, not for me" isn't going to work. For anyone. Of course the powerful never seem to get that until it's too late. So, let's look for peace within ourselves, families and communities. Let's all try to be more of who we would like to be. A rule I have tried to always follow; "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." It's worth remembering. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. May we all find peace, love, happiness and prosperity in 2021. Warm Regards - Scott




Hope everyone is well! I've been dealing with BPPV - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo for the past 12 days. Mainly affects those over 50. Not sure where it came from or what triggered it but I'm much better now. Back at it and I'm looking forward to having at least three new listings Monday the 5th with followup listings on Friday the 9th. Some Royal DeLuxes, a Royal Aristocrat, Remington Model 1 and 2, Corona 3 Folding, Remington Noiseless and an Underwood Four Bank in Orange-ish Red. The Royals will come first on Monday. The C3 and Noiseless will follow. Not sure about the Underwood and Rem 1 or 2 but soon (the process has begun). Thanks again so much for all the interest in my typewriters! Stay safe :-) Scott  



Okay, "quick" update! I'm currently in communication with 62 potential customers. Everyone's looking for the perfect writing machine. There are over 170 emails in the inbox. I'm trying to answer as quickly as I can but it takes more time to answer "simple", "basic", "quick" or "probably easy" questions. The reason a two sentence email gets a two paragraph reply is that a simple yes/no will undoubtedly lead to more questions. That means more time spent answering emails. It's better to just answer robustly and cover common follow-up questions. So, I'm behind on everything right now. Wasn't expecting things to take off so aggressively.

Bargain Basement inventory will always be slow. I spend as much time (if not more) on BB machines and they sell for half of a main page machine. Also, those looking to spend less than $400 expect the BB machines to look as good as investment grade ones on the main page. I do have a few BB machines that are in queue. I can't say yet when they will be available but I will update the BB page just as I do the main page when I'm ready to list.

There is a detailed item page for each machine. From the "Typewriters for Sale" page, click on the typewriter of interest. That takes you to the detailed item page where you can click again on the picture to open a pop-up window of 3 pictures. You can also scroll down to find information about that particular machine. ** Does it come with a case? How old is it? Is it good for writing a novel? Is it good for simple notes? Is it original or a reproduction? Where can I get ribbons? Have you done anything to these typewriters or are they as is, as found? How much is shipping to my US address? (S&H has been free since 2004 - BTW) Do these work? Can I use it or is it just for looks? ** I get these emails and phone calls daily. It's not that I don't want to assist a potential customer. It takes time away from me working on typewriters to spoon-feed answers that can be found with minimal effort on the site. Moving forward, I'm only going to respond to emails that have questions that are not answered on the detailed item page or elsewhere on the site. I hope you'll understand.

Lastly, to everyone who calls wanting me to look up their serial number, tell you when it was made and what it's worth; go to www.typewriterdatabase.com and look it up yourself. Go to ebay and search completed listings for your make and model machine. I'm tired of dealing with inconsiderate people. I've been nice about it for more than a decade but I get calls 24/7 in regard to this. You used a computer to find my site, use it to research your own machine, please. If that's not good enough, your vintage typewriter is worth $5 - $50,000.00 depending on the make/model/color/font/condition/etc. Best of luck.

So... that's what's going on at VTS. Busy as heck and doing my best to get typewriters listed. Monday 8.24.2020 should bring two Model 1 Remington's. A single shift and a double shift. Tried to have them ready today but it's not going to happen. Thanks to everyone who's interested in one of my original, professionally refurbished vintage typewriters! Your interest and business is greatly appreciated :-) Scott






Well, it looks as though I'll finally be able to get back to business next month! What a ridiculous and ignorant time it's been! Pack in as many people (without masks & social distancing!) as possible at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and various other "essential" businesses. Let some people do whatever they want and go where they want (No masks or social distancing) and claim Covid isn't an issue for these businesses and people. Make a micro business with only one employee and no retail location (me) shut down until further notice. Where's the science to back this insanity up? It doesn't exist. I believe C19 is real and I believe you don't want to catch it (Chris Martenson - you tube). However, there have been a lot of major discrepancies that makes it impossible to believe anything the "experts", "scientists", "doctors" or elected officials say. Strange times my friends! Due to pressure placed on the local, above mentioned liars/idiots, I will be able to restart my business and I'm really excited! Look for new listings coming in the next 10 days or so. I have some long waiting lists for several models and am no longer taking requests for those until I catch up. The first round will be a Royal Portable, Rem Noiseless, Remington Model 1, Corona 3 and whatever else I can get finished. I've had other priorities since the "two week" shutdown became a 5 month lockdown. I'll be documenting that on another web page soon. Fun read ;-) Thanks once again to everyone who's passed on their support and patience! I look forward to getting VTS back to some normalcy :-)




Still in lockdown and unable to do business until instructed. Only me, working out of my home, running an online business. Somehow that's a threat to others. Will be voting for science based logic next election. Thanks for your patience :-)



Please be sure to check out the 3.11 update below. I've had a lot of questions regarding my business during the CV19 measures. I spoke with my account rep at UPS yesterday afternoon and she has advised me that UPS will continue to operate even in quarantine zones. She stated that UPS is running throughout the US even in the hot zones of Seattle, NY, SF and LA. I wasn't sure how that was going to work until I heard from her. I'm not responding to all the emails individually in regard to this issue.

I've spent the past 7 days moving the most important parts of my shop to my home. Including some inventory. Schools are now closed and look to be for the rest of the school year. That means my children are home and so I need to work from home.

While NC and Charlotte have little going on with the virus currently, we've been informed that the county is only allotted 3 tests at a time. Things will likely change, and quickly. I will continue to work (What else can I do? ;-)) and add inventory to the site as soon as I'm finished setting up. I plan on adding something by Friday 3.20. If things change to where I can't ship out, I'll continue to add machines with prices but no "Add to Cart" button in the upper right hand corner of the detailed item page. I hope it doesn't come to that but at least you'll have some eye-candy to look at while you're home, too :-)

Everyone stay safe and thanks again for all the communication and support! :-) Scott



As stated in a previous post (below), I have slow times each year. February and August. During these times, I work on waiting lists, conduct inventory, organize the shop and stock up on supplies. This Feb was no different except I'm building my own shop. Solar powered with filtered rain barrel water. Hoping to have it up and running before the Fall rush begins ;-)

Running low on ribbons as many people in virus affected communities are stocking up in anticipation for possible quarantine. Placing an order for more tomorrow. USPS Priority Flat rate Envelope shipping has risen to $7.75! For this reason, I'll begin shipping the Universal 1/2 ribbon 2-pack (and other ribbons) via First Class Mail next month and will adjust the price accordingly. It's still worth it to ship Priority for the 6-pack. Priority will still be an option during checkout if you need to receive them quickly. USPS Mail has become rather expensive. If you're an international customer, please contact me prior to purchasing. The rates are rising rapidly and it's not possible for me to keep up. Instead, I'll use the USPS Shipping Calculator to give you the current cost for your international address. A recent shipment to Canada was 1/2 as much using UPS Ground than using USPS Parcel Post. Yikes!

I've started working on office models and Bargain Basement machines. I've had complaints of never listing anything on the Bargain Basement page (kinda true) and a significant increase in office model requests. Look for listings of both in the following weeks. It takes 3 times longer to refurb an office model than a portable. Patience.

I'm catching up on the waiting lists for Royal Quiet DeLuxe's and Olympia SM3/SM4's. I hope to start listing these extremely popular models again soon! Wrapping up other minor but nagging chores along the way. Thanks again so much to all those that have waited patiently, have communicated their praise and have continued to show interest in my typewriters. I can't express enough how important you all are to the passion, drive and success of The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe! Thank You :-) Scott







The cut-off for sending in your typewriter for refurb has arrived. I recently received 14 machines for refurb and that will be hard to finish before Christmas with everything else. I'm still behind since last weeks surge in orders. I hope to get back on track in the next couple of weeks. 

I've knocked out a good many waiting list machines which is always great since some people have been waiting for more than a year.

Special requests are also suspended until after the upcoming Christmas holiday. I'm more than happy to add you to a waiting list for the make/model/color/font/condition you're looking for. Right now, I need to focus on adding inventory to the site.

As always, your interest, patience and business is very much appreciated :-) Scott  




The Typewriter Photo Club is up and running! Thank you to those that have submitted your pictures! I think this is going to be pretty cool ;-)

You do not have to be a customer to submit your typewriter pic. Anyone who likes/loves/admires/uses/collects typewriters can have their pic added. Even multiple pictures are okay if you can't pick just one ;-) If you are in the picture you are giving VTS permission to use your image/likeness on that page. No names or personal information will be added. However, there is a comment section box in edit mode, so lets use it. 50 words or less should work but comments are not necessary. This is a family friendly site so keep it clean and VTS, Inc reserves the right to not post photos or comments. I get hundreds of visitors per month that are new to typewriters. Let's show them how great the machines are and how great our community is!






Okay, some answers to some questions about August. No, I'm not closing during August. August (and February) has, for the past 15 years, been extremely slow. Except for August of 2015 where demand was so high, I did over $20k in business. Not sure what happened there, but every other August has been sub-$1200. I mean; it...shuts...down. This works out great because I don't have to close to work on inventory for Christmas. I actually work on Christmas inventory starting in Jan, but setting aside 45 - 85 typewriters throughout the year is hard to do ;-)

I'll only add a couple of machines in the next few weeks. No need to add to the site during a time when they'll just sit. If you know what you want, contact me and I'll pull and refurb a machine for you.

I can refurb your typewriter for you but it has to arrive to me before October 1st. That is my annual cutoff. After that date, people start to rush to have typewriters they purchased elsewhere operational for Christmas gifts. It overwhelms me. Don't wait until the last minute!

Bargain Basement typewriters come along once I finish a refurb and the final grade is below Excellent. It happens but not often enough for those looking for a working, professionally refurbished typewriter in a lower than investment grade price range. I understand and always keep an eye out for borderline machines. Unfortunately, typewriters with heavy cosmetic wear usually have heavy mechanical damage as well.

Lastly, no, I don't have a Christmas sale. The demand is too high and supply too low. Over a decade ago, when I would have 50 to 100 typewriters on the site, I did have a Christmas sale. For those who have watched my site for some time, you know I've not had that volume of inventory probably since 2006.

I hope this has cleared up some confusion about my update on the Typewriters For Sale page. Thanks again for your support, interest and patience! :-) Scott








I was hoping to finish out the month without shutting down for a much needed break. I've only had 12 days off since October and I'm just worn out. I'll add new listings on 5.10.2019. I'm taking some time off to rest and let my CNS recover from the 7 days a week work schedule. Looking forward to coming back refreshed and invigorated! The shopping cart is still open and I'll still be shipping orders. Just not working on new machines or adding new listings. If you are a customer with a question about an item you've purchased, please feel free to call or email during this time. I appreciate everyone's understanding, patience and business!










   I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! Things have been very busy here. I've been swamped by refurb requests for Christmas typewriters. So far, I've refurbished 12 typewriters that were given as presents. More requests than that have come through but after spending up to $500 for typewriters that were supposed to be professionally refurbished and working, many didn't want to spend another $350 just to get what they already paid for. Rightly so!

 Please, before you spend your money, ask questions! DO NOT buy a "professionally" refurbished or serviced typewriter without getting a warranty in writing. One year minimum! DO NOT buy a "professionally" refurbished or serviced typewriter without a return policy you agree with, in writing.

From what I've seen so far, the new scam is for a seller to polish a typewriter and make it look beautiful cosmetically, list it as refurbished and it actually arrives with mechanical issues and not even having a new ribbon installed. If an honest, professional typewriter technician has touched your typewriter, the very least they'll do is change the ribbon!

So, due to the high demand of refurbs, I've spent the past three weeks working on other peoples typewriters. I need to focus on getting my machines finished and listed on the site. I also have waiting lists for various makes/models/colors/fonts that I need to start focusing on. That being said, I will not be working on any new outside refurbs until 2.24.2019. I feel this will give me enough time to work on getting inventory listed. If you want to send your machine in, I'll accept it and place it in queue with the others. They will be completed in the order they are received.

I'm not a typewriter repair shop. I offer my services because there is a demand for my level of attention to detail that you won't find at a repair shop or most other retailers. I really enjoy refurbishing typewriters. Some have amazing history and they all tell a story as the process unfolds. It's just an incredible experience that I wish I could share! So keep sending in the emails and pictures. I'll respond as quickly as I can. If you need more information on refurbs and services, please visit the "$150 - $250 Typewriters" page. Thanks again so much for your trust, patience and business. It's very much appreciated :-) Scott 





Anyone wanting to have their typewriter refurbished for Christmas needs to have it to me no later than 10.28.2018. After that date, I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas.

I'm suspending special requests from now until after the New Year. I have a nice variety of makes/models/colors/fonts lined up. I think 50+ will be available for Christmas delivery. Hopefully more as there are always 20 or so people that miss out by waiting. Will be working through the New Year to make sure there's some inventory in Jan.

As always, your interest and business is greatly appreciated :-) Scott







Time to close up and take a break! February is one of two months that's typically "slow". August being the second. I need to reset, clean and organize the shop, order supplies and parts machines and do some inventory. Along with some me time on a few personal projects, of course ;-) I will still be shipping, listing and working on typewriters, but not at the insane 14 hours, 7 days per week pace that I've had since the start of November. My brain is fried, folks! So, look for some new listings over the next two weeks and call if you're a customer with questions or concerns. Thanks for all your support! 28 machines sold in January and 3 shipping tomorrow! Looks like we're off to another stellar year at VTS :-) Scott





I hope everyone had a safe and reflective New Year! I'm still at it but behind schedule, as usual. The cold has wreaked havoc on my cleaning pumps and fingertips :-( 

I hope to have new listings 1.8.2018. While I finished most of my orders prior to the NY, I still have some Oly's and RQD requests to finish. Not to mention a Royal 10, Royal Portable and Underwood 5 and Four Bank. Those are all started, at least, and I hope to begin some more machines tomorrow. Keeping an eye on the projected/possible winter "storm" as well. 

Have been receiving emails and phone calls about listings I have on Amazon/Ebay. I don't list on any platform other than www.vintagetypewritershoppe.com. These scammers are not using my name but my pictures, listing write-ups and even my toll free phone number. If you're not on this website, you are NOT dealing with me. I've contacted those sites and have been assured the sellers will be handled. If you bought a typewriter from them and are dissatisfied, call your CC or bank and try to get your money back. Remember, you didn't buy from me and I really can't help you. 

Stay warm and look for some new listings soon! Scott










Well, it's 7:55 EST and the last typewriter before Christmas has just been picked up by UPS. What a run! I want to thank everyone who emailed, phoned, purchased, jumped on a waiting list, is still waiting for me to finish a request, return an email or add something new to the site. I'm going to be listing an Olympia SM8 in Mint Condition and hopefully a Mint Condition Royal Eldorado. Both cool typewriters and worthy of use.
I'm already getting bombarded with emails and calls in regard to typewriter issues from those who purchased elsewhere. There's definitely been some shade thrown my way. Undeserved in my opinion. For those in need of repair or refurb on a typewriter you purchased from someone else; I can't help you until after the New Year. This is the busiest time of the year for me. I'm a one man operation to boot. You are not the only person who's contacted looking for help. I've had at least 30 people contact me with issues on "as is" machines. I get it. I really do. This is the BIG gift and it's not working. But you can't expect me to be able to diagnose and instruct you on the repair over the phone or email. That's just not possible. Some repairs need to be diagnosed in person. Special tools, parts and training are usually required. And, no, I don't rent out my tools ;-) Just contact me after NYE and we'll schedule the work. 
I'm not shutting down (as I typically do) for Christmas/NYE break. I'm going to hit it through January and take some time off in Feb. I'll continue to list machines as I complete them and hopefully start the NY off with some inventory online. Wow! How nice would that be? At least for those who visit regularly ;-)
So once again I want to thank everyone (whether you purchased anything or not) for your business, interest and patience. You guys seriously make this "job" even more rewarding than it already is. Had some great conversations this year! A lot of laughs, some serious discussion and good communication. It's taken for granted now a days, but really communicating with another human is amazing. Listening, learning the history of someone or their family member. It's really underrated and that's a sad thing to me. So keep those emails, letters and calls coming. I always try make time for a friendly chat. Best wishes to you all. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year. Scott 

Some important news!


The toll free number is back up! The service provider blamed severe weather for the malfunction. UPDATE 5.2.2017: Toll free number is still plagued with issues. Use 1.704.345.3852 for purchase inquires. Thanks!


Getting a lot of questions regarding typewriter service, refurbish and restoration. You can find detailed definitions of these options on the "$150-$250 Typewrters" page. The typewriters I sell have been refurbished.


I offer a $125 Service option for those that are local and don't need to ship their typewriter. Shipping is expensive and not really worth it unless you're getting a full refurb which significantly increases the value of your typewriter. You can search Typewriter Repair Shops and choose the Xavier.edu webpage to find a shop near you. If you're interested in a full refurb, just contact me to discuss costs and turn-around times. As of this writing, I'm working on 9 typewriters for customers and turn-around time is 15 business days. 


Trees, trees and more trees! According to the Charlotte Observer, many of the old hardwoods in the area have reached the end of their life cycle. This means that even though they're covered in beautiful green leaves, it no longer requires severe weather to cause them to fall. Moderate rain and mild winds have been doing the trick for the past several weeks. Hopefully this will not become a near weekly occurrence as it causes major issues with power and internet.


The warehouse that I rent for parts machines, Bargain Basement typewriters and misc. offerings has been sold to a developer for a new apartment complex. This is a large 30x90 space filled with approximately 900 machines. I have until the end of the year to have everything out. I'll be focusing on refurbishing Bargain Basement typewriters. I'll still be adding to the main page but expect the BB page to carry most of the listings.


Thanks again for your interest and business :-)









I hope everyone had a joyful holiday! May this year bring us all much needed peace.

I've over 187 emails in the in-box so it's going to be a few days before I get to all of them. I'll be starting with those that requested purchasing the two typewriters that were still available. First come, first served. I hope to add several typewriters each week but the first of the year is always a slow start. A lot of non-refurb issues to address. as always, there is a large amount of information answering 90% of all questions. I hope potential customers will take advantage of this and therefore reduce the amount of time required in answering questions. If you're unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to email or call.

Those looking to sell their typewriter or wanting a free appraisal; Please do not contact me. I will only buy from a reputable source such as ebay. You may email you listing number and I'll take a look. On the appraisal end, I only do appraisals for institutions or large collections. My fee is based on the size of the collection and time needed to complete the process. Look on ebay/etsy to see what your particular machine might sell for in "as is" condition. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thanks again so much for your patience, understanding and business. You're all appreciated :-) 







Been a while since I updated! Not much to report until now. Trying to get some listings up each week. Many are selling before they get listed. Unusual for October. This is why there are discrepancies in the item numbers. Looks like this season will see 85 typewriters or so go to new homes. I'm also working on getting some Bargain Basement machines listed with plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

I'm not taking in any more outside refurbs until after 1.5.2017. If you're local and need a service or repair, call me to schedule an appointment.

I'm not taking any personal request at this time. I have several I'm working on now and just won't have time to take on any others. If you know what you want, contact me and I'll see if I have one in the line-up. Otherwise, it'll have to wait until after 1.5.2017.

As always, your interest, patience and business is greatly appreciated! Without you, I wouldn't have been able to turn this wonderful hobby into a business :-)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!





More listings coming 5.12.2016! Shutting down to work on website inventory. Demand is extremely high this time of year with graduations right around the corner. I can't keep up. I'm closing to focus on getting some typewriters finished and added to the site. I'll reopen on 5.13.2016. Email if you need ribbon but all other requests will have to wait until I reopen. Thanks so much for your interest and patience!  





Finally got back online after 5 days of major issues due to a malicious email link. Someone wanting to sell their typewriter sent me an email with a link to the pictures on photobucket. They used the "Typewriter" subject line and everything seemed standard. Soon after opening the link, I began having issues. Finally, the virus locked out my entire network. Going forward, I will no longer buy typewriters from private individuals unless they are local and willing to bring their typewriter to me for inspection. The whole point of having potential customers use the word typewriter in the subject line was to avoid spammers/hackers.

I am closing until the 12th so that I can add inventory to the site. The computer issues have me behind schedule. I will begin adding machines later this week and continue to do so for the Christmas season. It is now and has always been a first come, first served business. If you see a typewriter you like while I'm closed, please email me with the word "Typewriter" in the subject line along with the item number. Once I reopen, you'll be first in line for that particular machine.

Like every year before, my cutoff for refurbs has already past. If you have a typewriter you purchased somewhere else, I will not be able to refurb it before Christmas. I will begin accepting refurbs after the 4th of January.

Thanks once again to all of my customers! I truly enjoy serving your typewriter needs :-)





11.8.2014 7.23.2015


Well, it looks like the email issue has returned. It seemed to have gotten better but some customers recently reported missing emails from Paypal, UPS and VTS. Again, I answer emails from customers interested in buying or those that have bought in the past. If you email me and don't get a response, please call the toll free number. Thanks again!



Not sure what's going on with email but here's some information that has been passed on to me. I have had several customers and potential customers complain about not receiving invoices from paypal, tracking emails from UPS and USPS or replies to their emails about purchasing items. First, I use paypal to generate invoices and those emails go through paypal's email invoicing service. I have contacted paypal in regard to this issue. The same goes for UPS and USPS. Second, I respond to all emails from those wishing to purchase an item. Some of the customers I have corresponded with via phone and they didn't get the email when their typewriter was completed. This has led to some pretty nasty situations because if I don't hear back from a customer within 48 hours of sending that email, I list the machine on the site or sell it to the next person in line. This has been my policy since the beginning. So, there have been some people that I have emailed pictures and information on the typewriter they requested never receive that email and think I didn't follow through on my end. That's simply not the case. I have added an AUTO response to the email for ordering items. If you send an email to that address, I will respond within 24 hours. If you're selling a typewriter, I may not respond at all if it's in poor condition or something I don't typically deal in (i.e.. Electrics). If you placed a request for a particular machine and I told you I would get it ready for you and email pictures and information upon completion and you never heard back from me, please call me. The email was sent but for some reason not received. Also, please add my email address to your contact list and check your SPAM folder. Thanks once again to all of my customers and please call if you feel a missed communication has occurred.







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