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Please do not call and ask what your "as is" typewriter is worth and if I might buy it. Your "as is" typewriter is worth $5.00 - $6500.00+ USD. Thanks :-) Scott







Something to Think About

 “We live in a world in which people are censured, demoted, imprisoned, beheaded, simply because they have opened their mouths, flapped their lips, and vibrated some air. Yes, those vibrations can make us feel sad or stupid or alienated. Tough s**t. That's the price of admission to the marketplace of ideas. Hateful, blasphemous, prejudiced, vulgar, rude, or ignorant remarks are the music of a free society, and the relentless patter of idiots is how we know we're in one. When all the words in our public conversation are fair, good, and true, it's time to make a run for the fence.”  ---  Daniel Gilbert - AuthorororDaniel Gilbert   




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