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Two(2) - 1/2" Ribbon on 2" universal spools for 95% of all manual typewriters

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Due to the high cost of shipping USPS Flat Rate to Canada, Canadian customers can now purchase these Universal ribbons from Martin Howard in Toronto! Prices and quantities will vary so contact Martin at He's a well known collector (California Typewriter film) and has his own typewriter business. Shipping will be far less than buying from me, but you're still buying the freshest ribbons available and Martin is a great guy :-)

Free USPS First Class S&H to US addresses and 10 year warranty if left sealed in the vacuum bag! I tested these to 10 years by opening one each January from a lot of 10 I sealed back in 2008. The last test ribbon was opened in January of 2018. Still just as fresh as the day I sealed it! 

These are individually vacuumed sealed 16 yard, 1/2" wide ribbons on 2" True Universal spools. $12.95 for 2 ribbons(4 spools) delivered to US addresses. As seen in the 3rd picture, my spools have twice as much ribbon as sellers on Amazon and Ebay and are by far the freshest available anywhere!

Please read the following information!

 This is the most common ribbon size (1/2") and will fit 95% of all vintage typewriters. Some typewriters have small or unique spools and the new ribbon must be transferred to the original spools. The ribbon itself will fit. 


The universal spools and/or ribbon will fit the following models and many others not listed. 

All Optima - Super, Elite

Remington - All Noiseless, Portables(original spools required) and Office Models

All Olympia - SM, SF, SG, DeLuxe, ALL Olympia typewriters 

All Underwood - Noiseless, Portable and Office Models  

Olivetti - Lettera, Studio, Valentine, etc 

All Royal portables - Portable, Quiet, Quiet Deluxe, Deluxe, Aristocrat, Arrow, Speed King, Signet, Junior, Royalite, Safari, Diana, Custom. 1920's - 1950's+. Royal office models require the new ribbon be transferred onto the original spools.

LC Smith Corona - Silent, Sterling, Standard, Corona 3(original spools required), Corona Four, Speedline and Clipper. Office models require the new ribbon be transferred onto the original spools. 

All Hermes - 2000, 3000, Baby, Rocket, etc. 

All Voss - All models

All Cole Steel - All models

Consul - All Models



Allen, Armstrong, Barlock 12, Century 10, Continental, All Corona(Model 3 and 4 original spools needed), Demountable, Emerson, Harris, Fox Visible, Franklin 7(7/16") Hammond Multiplex(7/16"), Monarch, National 1, Noiseless Portable(7/16"), Noiseless Old Model(7/16"), Noiseless New Model, Oliver 3,5,7(7/16"), Pittsburgh Visible 11, Royal 5,10 and all portables, Remington Visible and portables(original spools required for portables), Rex, Smith Premier Visible, Sholes New Model, Underwood New and Portables, Victor and Woodstock 5HN.


  Some machines will need the use of the original spools but the vast majority can use the plastic universal spools that come with these ribbons. If the spools don't fit, simply wind the new ribbon onto the original spools.

  Only typewriters that have the option of multi-colored ribbons can use the black and red. Look for the blue, red and white dots on your typewriter. If you don't have a ribbon selector, then you will need to order the black ribbon.

  All of these ribbons are manufactured for me at the time of order. These ribbons are fresh and come with a freshness guarantee from the manufacturer. You will receive 2 ribbons of your choice. Black, Black/Red or Mix(one of each).

  Black is recommended for most applications.

  Black and red were more for accounting purposes but many collectors like the look of a black and red ribbon in their typewriters. 





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